Saurabh Bathe and Sagar Rajiwade – Pillars of Fortunee Bulls Academy on their mission to make Indians financially literate

Indeed, many consumers today have a limited understanding of finances, causing many young people in our Indian society to struggle with saving and investing. Good financial management, on the other hand, can change our way of life and determine how secure our children’s lives and futures can be. Saurabh Bathe and Sagar Rajiwade have come forward to provide a lot of opportunities to apply them in real life so that they are habituated to earning, budgeting, saving regularly, and spending wisely, and these things led to the establishment of Fortunee Bulls Academy, which aims to create Financial Awareness among the youth of Indian society and to address the issues that Indians face when trading and investing in financial markets.

Mr. Saurabh was inspired to establish Fortunee Bulls Academy after witnessing people struggling to understand Financial Literacy and obtain the Right Knowledge as a result of expensive services with a lack of quality and fraud. Furthermore, he has grown up seeing people around him struggle with their jobs and appear dissatisfied with what they were doing. This pushed him to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, where he could not only enjoy his freedom from the mundane 9 to 5 job but also make a difference in society by becoming a changemaker. As a changemaker, he founded Fortunee Bulls Academy with the mission of providing the right knowledge and support to candidates in order to make them financially literate and build their careers in financial markets so that they can simplify trading and develop the right approach to the stock market as a whole.

Fortunee Bulls Academy has mentored more than 700 members through Fortunee Trading Program and webinars, providing lifetime support and Fortunee strategy. It had members who were students and housewives who had eventually come out on top as excellent stock market traders and are gearing up to embark on the journey as full-time traders. In fact, strategic trading programs and webinars are rewarding because they appear to have produced tangible results that members could immediately recognize.

With the goal of educating people about financial markets and creating as many independent traders as possible, Fortunee Bulls Academy aims to spread financial literacy by providing the right knowledge in trading and investing. Fortunee Bulls Academy has come a long way by overcoming numerous challenges ranging from growing and achieving their goals by keeping things simple and genuine to surviving in a cutthroat competitive environment. The struggle of yesterday has given them the strength for tomorrow, and Fortune Bulls Academy has stood tall by adding value to people’s lives and eventually gained the trust of those who have persevered through every adversity. Indeed, a straight road in life is easy but it’s the curves that made it interesting. 

Speaking about his wisdom for the young entrepreneurs Mr. Sagar says “The biggest advice for the young entrepreneur is stop getting distracted with the things which might act as an obstacle. Never get stuck into the comfort zone instead take as much as a risk when you’re young and focus on developing skills and constant learning. Think big and think long term, also have regular communication with like-minded people. As we deal with Financial Markets, I would request every people to start investing a small amount from your earnings into the Financial Markets directly or indirectly”

Indeed, Mr. Saurabh and Sagar’s approach to people associated with the organization, their constant learning approach, and out-of-the-box thinking with extraordinary solutions set the Fortunee Bulls Academy apart from the crowd. Their never-say-die attitude and self-belief propelled them to the pinnacle of success as entrepreneurs. The mentors at Fortunee Bulls Academy comes with rich experience as full-time traders and strategically train them the rules of the game.

Thanks to Fortunee Bulls Academy, that is making the stock trading and financial literacy learning curve a successful one, especially for those who are just getting started. Their stock trading theory and extensive training with real-time support assist people in gaining the confidence and skills necessary to trade with their own money. As one of the leaders in financial education, Fortunee Bulls Academy’s courses have been extremely beneficial for individual investors looking to upgrade and learn various investment strategies, as well as better risk management and confidence. So, what’s stopping you? Enroll now!

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