Sir Gamma – An Engineer Turned Music Producer’s New Single Is Captivating Listeners

Harsh Agghi, who is known as Sir Gamma as an artist, is an Indian music producer, songwriter, DJ, and an upcoming singer based in the capital city of Delhi. He is an engineer who completed his graduation in B.Tech Computer Science from NOIDA. He was a passionate dancer and wanted to pursue dance as a profession, which he did well after college. But in college, he used to edit medleys for different dance societies on which they performed on stage. This basic editing and making medleys slowly grew his interest in music production, and then there was no stopping. He then learned music production, mixing, and mastering, and now he has started releasing his original songs.

Sir Gamma has just released his new single “Rihla,” featuring Jazzz Jyotsna on August 13, 2021, captivating listeners on both local and national levels‘Rihla’ is composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sir Gamma, sung by Jazzz Jyotsna. Akhil Bisht and Lakshmi Priya Ramesh have penned down the lyricsSir Gamma’s musical compositions range from club bangers to soulful tunes for late-night walks with an admirable taste in music and an exquisite sense of it. His varied choices in music have bloomed because of exposure to Hip Hop, Western Rap, Bollywood music, and early training in Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet (Indian Classical Music). He is currently working with various talented singers on some upcoming projects. Sir Gamma always gives his musical pieces a personal touch hence keeping them fresh and authentic. Shortly, one might hear his voice in his forthcoming songs. 

He has been inspired by Martin Garrix, Jack Ü, Diplo, Jonas Aden, and soon some insanely talented Indian artists like Lost Stories, Nucleya, Ritviz, and Prateek Kuhad exposed him to the Indie Music industry.

 Sir Gamma’s new song “Rihla” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and a beautiful love story. It is a journey down memory lane where the lover remembers the most remarkable moment of the relationship. It makes one rethink those tiny and cute gestures like warm hugs, late-night walks, that enthralling touch, and that kiss. One associates all these with boundless love or affliction to form one’s world where two people are at their happiest and so much more. The song talks about the most vulnerable side of the lover and how much it values “forever.”

As the word “Rihla” depicts ‘journey’ or ‘travelogue,’ Sir Gamma has titled his track under this name to portray the travel to the memories of love, cherishing every little thing spent together. Moreover, the voice of Jazzz Jyotsna has added more charm to the song, making it a perfect one to listen to when you are missing someone.

‘Rihla’ is the first official single of Sir Gamma, and it has got a lot of support from listeners and various music enthusiasts. ‘Rihla’ has also been featured in Suffle Music Magazine along with Sir Gamma’s interview. It’s a must-listen, we hope you will like it.

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