South Asian Regional Countries Given Brilliance Award to Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala for Social Service

Dr. Thejo Kumari is an astounding woman who has achieved incredible feats. Her immense enthusiasm in every aspect of life and career has shone through her achievements. Thejo has done it once again by earning a place in the World Book of Star Records. This would be her second time featuring on Star Records. The South Asian Regional Countries Brilliance Award & Cultural Summit has presented the award in Social Service. 

The Cultural Summit was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, as part of South Asian Countries. Thejo was chosen for being a notable women activist in social service and for her distinguished contribution to various services. World Book of Star Records awarded Thejo for outstanding individual performance and distinguished services to the nation under the category of a social activist, which comes with a medal of excellence. Thejo also received honor and participation certificates from the summit, proudly mentioning her name and the category she had won, making it a proud moment for India.

She has achieved innumerable laurels nationally and internationally, each time surpassing herself. She has represented India on various platforms and brought back several citations and titles that no one has achieved before. Pioneering new trends and setting goals for others is what Thejo has set out to do. She has a compelling record of winning most of the competitions in that she participates with brilliance and charm.

Thejo has always believed in reaching out to people and helping the underprivileged in every way she can through her individual efforts of creating awareness and providing for their needs. Her efforts have been lauded in all fields. Her commendable work has shown results through the years. She has reached out to the remotest areas and has been a covid warrior during the pandemic.

Thejo is working towards peace and harmony across the globe with several international organizations and initiatives that help the cause. She was the first global peace ambassador and represented India worldwide. She has made records about coronavirus in various journals. Her inspirations are legends themselves who have taken the path of non-violence. They are some of the prominent names in history, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and APJ Abdul Kalam. She feels that the youth today can follow her path just as she has followed her heart to achieve her dreams and the dreams of others along the way.

Thejo Kumari is Ms. India Glam Icon Winner, Ms. India International Winner 2022, Ms. Asia Universe 2022 winner, and recently won the Mrs. Universe title Winner 2022. Her charming personality and perseverance to do well in everything she undertakes have made her win several beauty titles to her credit. This includes the most inspirational award from India, Influencer award, extraordinary woman award, Wisdom award, and Blissful Queen, Global IronLady Award, Nelson MandelaNoble Peace Award, Mahatma GandhiExcellence Award, Dr. Rajendra PrasadExcellence Award, ApK Abdul Kalam Excellence Award, Swami Vivekananda ExcellenceAward, Rabindranath Tagore’s Literary Pride Award, Mother Theresa humanity Award, Dr. Br Ambedkar NationalAward, Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award, Gandhi-Mandela International Award, APJ Abdul Kalam Diamond Sparking, Gandhi Shanthi Dooth Award, Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award. She works on these social causes through her participation in pageants which helps her reach out to a broader group of people.

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