Story Coffee brings the café coffee experience to homes

Nothing can be as tempting as sip of coffee in the morning, it is the best way to start your day with. Isn’t? But often your home brew turns out very different from the coffee you get in cafes. The secret is in the coffee beans. The coffee you buy from the store has probably been sitting there for weeks and sadly the aroma and flavour would have degraded over time, giving you a stale, uninspiring cuppa. 

Story Coffee is the brand that offers you a variety of coffees made from the finest quality, the coffee directly comes from Karnataka’s Coorg, place which is known for producing the finest coffee in the country. The coffee cherries are grown with love in the perfect conditions apt climate and temperature. 

The aroma and freshness you get from artisanal coffee’s is way too different from other coffees.

The Pride of Story Coffee

Story coffee is known for its premium quality coffee across the country. They currently have eight exotic pure coffee blends that bring to life different flavours and strengths. Story coffee prides itself for promoting only pure coffee blends. They don’t sell blends with chicory or any artificial flavours. Their coffee is the perfect blend of love and dedication of planters, coffee pickers and key artisans involved in the coffee craft.

Making of Aromatic beans

Unlike Instant coffee or flavoured coffee, Story Coffee likes to make coffee that way it was for centuries.  

The beans that are used to make coffee are handpicked by the planters, that is only the finest and the best are chosen. The beans are then sun-dried and not flash dried like instant coffee, this ensures that all the flavors to stay intact with the oils and minerals of the coffee. Flash drying makes the coffee lose much of its natural sweetness, aroma and oils. 

Story Coffee brings to you eight new coffee blends for the home coffee consumer. The freshly roasted and blended coffee caters to different tastes of coffee lovers. 

Here are some the premium blends of Coffee from the house of Story Coffee

The first one is Harangi

Harangi is pure highest grade of Arabica available from select estates in the Coorg region 

This coffee variant has a unique fruity build with a light bodied brew, ensuring a refreshing and aromatic taste and mouthfeel! Brew it in any process like French press, espresso, moka pot, and others. Indulge your taste buds in the premium taste of Harangi and feel the essence of rich coffee in your cup!

The second on our list is Mallalli

Mallalli is exquisite blend of wet processed Arabica and dry processed Robusta in a perfect balance. Mallalli gives a more earthy taste, more balanced aroma and a lingering after taste. This blend is also roasted in small batches and is ground to your requirements.

The terrific third is the Barapole Coffee, 

Barapole is a rich creation of a full-bodied drink with the added aroma of a chocolatey punch! The balanced blend of Robusta cherry and Arabica Cherry bring out the subtle quality taste in your coffee. Those who like a much stronger zing of caffeine in their brew will like Barapole.

The fantastic four on the list is Chelavara

Storycoffee’s Chelavara is a royal and classic coffee blend known for its rich flavouring and taste. The fine composition of wet processed Arabica and dry processed Robust makes it suitable for wide range of brews from Espressos to Lattes. Delve into the richness of Chellavara and experiment with it!

The Irruppu Blend

Irruppu is a fine blend of Arabica cherries mixed with Robusta cherries. The flavoring scheme of Irrupu makes it unique from other brands of coffee, it has a lighter bodied fruity flavor which ensures a lingering fresh fruity smell, Irruppu is a fine coffee from the coffee region of Coorg. Let the refreshing magic of Irruppu tell you, its story.

Story Coffee is known for unconventional and unique variety of coffee. Flavours and variety that give you an experience of lifetime. Story Coffee blends are available to order from its web portal, and other marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

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