Success is a process first before becoming your address

Staying anonymous by efforts is synonymous with passion, says the persistent lady with poise. Jolly by nature, compassionate by heart and an explorer by mind sums up her personality. She fluidly comprehends the thoughts every mind perceives differently. Her artistic writings will make you see the intricacies in every post she does on her account page Inkwhatyoudontspeak. Meet Swati Yadav, a determined feminine who wears grace like an ornament. She is not a star but a light that makes you see more explicitly from the lens of her vision about Emotional Intelligence.

From the very beginning she saw a pattern of encouragement in her family. Before teaching the value of skills she was taught the value of having a strong will. It’s all about her genteel upbringing and life’s experiences that made her a combination of tough yet temperate. She has carved a way of getting approached by people who are still learning her as she feels there is a huge difference between being available and being accessible. 

Professionally she is 13years old, drew massive learnings from the corporate realm. She carried her stint very successfully in sectors like Tourism, Security, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Telecom. But one day the nation heard the word Covid-19 which shook everyone in grief. That was the phase which instilled the risk-taking attitude in her. Being paid every month in the private industry she was just like any other employee saving for retirement. But she always knew there was more to her which got concealed in the KRAs for so-called yearly appraisals. Pandemic seemed like a detour but was a better GPS route which destiny provoked her to travel by. A decision with no choices either elevates the risk or evaluates the risk. What she decided back then is what she is up to today. Despite working for corporate now, she skilfully spares quality time for widening the horizon of her mind by writing influential snippets almost every day. Breaking momentary illusions and fearful concepts, she communicates in the language of reality.

Eventually every seed grows, with months passing by her articles got published in multiple Indian/ Global/ magazines namely La Vafara – EU | US | AU, True lies Media, Daily Hunt, Fox Interviewer etc. She has been incessantly scribbling irrespective of the industry type. Most of her works speak about the human mindset and behaviour. ‘Her aspiration is to be heard and to be read my infinite and hence she has been syncing the speed of her pen and thoughts invariably up to the optimum.’

Presently she is an Editor for the renowned magazine – Alpha Creatorz. Alpha brings a unique platform to leverage skills, knowledge and future sustainability. The founder aims to succeed by creating better visionaries globally through this stand. Read the passionate stories embedded on the pages on Alpha magazine where triumph is self-driven by those who believed a little more than destiny’s plan. 

 An escape from the routine is just a read away. Click on Inkwhatyoudontspeak account to reveal what’s more than just living a scripted life.

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