Success through digital marketing-an unfolded by inspiring action

Hardcore zeal to achieve anything can lead a simple individual towards the path of success and the same happened with Mr. Akshay Sutar from Navi Mumbai. The 22 years old emerging leader is from a middle-class family trait and faced the hurdles of daily struggles to get the desired need fulfilled besides the basic requirements of life.

He was not a very studious student who will get a place in the list of toppers on the scoreboard of school or college. But just like the simple middle-class family background triggers the thought of studying and then job, his family expected the same from him.

He tried his level best but the study was not his cup of tea. He had the seed of acting inside him, and that’s the reason he tried to enter the Bollywood film industry for the betterment. 

Very soon the dream of a bright future in Bollywood collapsed for Mr. Akshay. According to him, that was not the correct choice for a middle-class family boy who doesn’t have any network connection to survive there. 

Now the tough time became tougher and the failures created a force on him over time to give up as many others. He didn’t get any financial support from parents or others in need.  But he was a person of strong willpower, who was born to make a difference with his talent.

He hated working under a boss in a job and the quality pushed him towards finding a path for his future aspects. He started enriching himself with the latest business tactics for a small-scale start-up. He started  blogging for free and invested extremely valuable savings into it. 

During the journey of learning and growing into the blogging scenario, he took the courage to build 16 websites but unfortunately all failed. Here comes the man of value, who believes that the sum of all the failures cannot provoke you back step in life.

He continued learning about business and in the midway got to know about “Digital Marketing”. He wanted to get complete knowledge about the field of digital marketing but without family support, it was almost impossible.

Still, his zeal towards the field of interest pushed him to enrich himself via you tube videos and it played a vital role in his digital marketing knowledge. He covered 70% of the basics via you tube and then the journey started truly for success.

He started serving people by getting them the website creation free of cost and through that he got a variety of services in hand to serve. He continued working as a freelancer and completed his digital marketing course professionally with savings. His patience throughout the journey concealed his impatience to move ahead toward success.

Now, he is having two companies and draws income in 6 to 7 figures per month through digital marketing. In the coming years, he is pre-planned to launch 7 more startups in the market by going deep into entrepreneurship.

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