Sunke Woh Qissey – Independent Release by Bhoomi Trivedi 

Being an Artist, Independent music is the power for us to have the freedom to shape thoughts into Music. 

It sees no boundaries, being creative is a real sense is all about being able to use the space of creativity as a canvas to explore. 

Sunke Woh Qissey, my New Single is Out Now on all the Audio Streaming Platforms and YouTube. Writing, singing, and composing this song in a way defined my core soul as an artist apart from being Learner. As an Artist, it is overwhelming to get a genuine response from the listeners. This has strengthened my faith in being completely vulnerable in showcasing writing, particular way, or choice of words on the thought. I have more Independent Songs in the pipeline and hope to get the same Love and response. 

All the more 

Every independent artist comes out with a different observation or experience to which either people can relate or understand a new perspective on life or anything that the song is made on. 

Independent music songwriting has a wide range of acceptance from the listeners and the audiences as they want to be surprised every time. They uplift independent music & appreciate the newness. Independent music has no fear of being categorised as commercial or non-commercial music. 

It needs connectivity & genuine engagement more than just hammering a song on the audience to make it a hit. 

Sunke woh Qissey is a piece of art that’s going to be close to my heart forever. 

An amazing fact about the song was that I thought of lyrics, tune, and the story behind the song everything together & it just went with the flow. 

The thought was so clear from the beginning. 

This song is about a girl who is an artist, performer, and public figure. Her being famous draws a lot of attention, and everyone around her constantly keeps discussing her life, which indeed bothers her a lot. It’s heartbreaking for her as nobody is aware of the actual truth. Throughout the song, reality finally comes out. Despite of now finding “the one,” people still keep gossiping about her life. However, she thrives remarkably after her traumatic past relationship and gathers herself together. Now being strong, positive & unbothered, she is happy and keen on living her life once again. 

The song has crossed 500 k views in 3 days 

which is absolutely overwhelming. 

The team behind this song has willingly worked on the song. They heard the song and were more excited than I was, it being my song to work, leading the song to theirs and of listeners. 

Having Jarvis Menezes & Aftab khan working on this project took the song to another level. 

Unexpectedly people’s reaction is impeccably great as after a long while, their ears & souls are treated with a symphonic sound & treatment. The thought behind this song has a message about living life without thinking about people & their perceptions about you. 

As the song progresses, the lyrics become understandable with their simple language & have a lot of depth. 

I wish people connect with these kinds of music often & encourage artists to experiment on different levels. 




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