Tapping into Universal Energy: Mystic Shaina

Shaina Kochar is a promising name in India’s law of attraction coaching and spirituality Mentorship. Shaina is a 36 years old trainer and coach based in Punjab. 

After serving for a consistent period of 16 years in the media industry, she ultimately found her life purpose in the law of attraction, life coaching and spiritual mentorship. She believes in creating the future with divine energy, and now she is on a journey to train females for the same. 

She felt a strong connection with the higher self and an unknown bearing with the metaphysical and beyond throughout her life. The spiritual power always kept unwavering no matter what came in her way. The moment she realised that one’s inner strength could enhance the quality of one’s life, she started to learn different healing modalities and mindfulness techniques around the world which worked wonders for her life. She started imparting the same knowledge with the word she discovered under the new name “Mystic Shaina”.

The ultimate realisation came the moment pandemics hit the world. She felt that the world needed positivity and mindfulness techniques, which are becoming necessary. It did not take to a beat to realise that it was the right time to communicate all the mindful techniques and the knowledge to help people around the world and connect them to their spiritual selves. Pandemic has been an eye-opener for her, and she started building her goddess tribe around India. 

According to Shaina, everything has a particular energy. The moment your inner energy changes, the outside world changes too. She teaches people easy and simple techniques to change their energy, transforming their outer space and life. She teaches how to read their own energy to create a better life with simplified and small mindful activities in their daily routine. 

Her exclusive healing modality named “Goddess Energy Healing” is getting popular among females around India. Apart from this, she is also building a tribe of mindful tarot healers in the country. She is coming up with her first book on Law of Attraction named aakarshan ka Siddhant, miraculous power of the subconscious mind for the Hindi language readers.


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