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Located in Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is a small town and non-metropolis. You cannot rely on some services to raise your level of living if you live in a non-metropolis. Many working professionals, even in underdeveloped cities, want to choose services in the early morning and late evening to make the most of their time. But such a facility was not invented before LORRO came into existence. 

Thankfully, Mr Akash Shrivastava, who developed LORRO, understood this. He took the initiative to introduce LORRO there in order to make this better and contribute to the development of both metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities.

LORRO was brand-new to the city when it debuted in 2018. It is crucial to encounter these aspects in tier 2 or tier 3 cities because a company involves many different factors. Starting with a non-metropolitan town allowed for developing, testing, experimenting and discovering solutions for problems that underdeveloped places inhabitants frequently faced. Akash added.

He spent his 9 years in the business world working in prominent Indian cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Living in such places, he concluded that the LORRO concept was worthwhile to execute in all kinds of cities.

He added that his primary goal was to begin where he had come from when he originally had the concept. It had advantages and disadvantages, such as a challenge to convince residents of Gwalior to have faith in the idea.

In a community with three tiers, LORRO’s business wants to first meet the requirements of the residents, assess the demand, and then expand through sustained growth.

Akash built the ecosystem in order to create LORRO, a tool that would be the last mile solution in the services sector with the affiliation of over 1,000 organisations.

Easy service as quick commerce makes a great difference whether it is a 3rd or 1st tier city. LORRO is dedicated to offering a seamless partner and customer experience for Gwalioriets.

Currently, 30 businesses with 300 people can provide residents with services with a 24-hour availability target. The goal of LORRO is to converse with 10 million individuals across India. We are happy that Akash came to this realization with the effort to bring this into reality. Bravo to the LORRO team and everyone involved in such a successful venture. 

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