The Flying Homebird 

Back in the day when my first book hit the market, people bombarded me with weird questions
like “Is your career fading out in the air?” as I had a Passion for Writing and Microbiology was
turning out to be my Profession. Wish I could let them know that I made both to the air with
flying colors.
Like any other being, I was asked what I wanted to become in the future, and what my ambition
looked like. To which I had a firm reply every time. To my surprise, at least I assumed it to be
out of care, people who raised the question with care turned out to be the barriers to my wings.
Regret and feeling guilty are the part and parcels of trust. Learned it the hard way. Do not
overshare your ambitions, your ideas, your secrets because, in this competitive yet uncertain
world, you never know who is beside you and still against you. I stopped sharing mine a long
time back and it is what brings immense happiness to me.
Dear Indian Millennials,
If you wish to Let the world know the purpose behind your passion do not share the entire
process of it. Let them not know where you are heading and the path you are walking on.
There’s a very thin line between showing off and showcasing. Some people do have the habit
of boasting in public about things they know nothing about. Do not become that set of people.
It’s absolutely fine to have a purpose and a hobby, nourishing both at once but do you know
that hobby and purpose are ways apart?
Millennials are acclaimed to be the broken generation. Not entirely their fault. Staying loyal
has had its influences. Fine with how the world is moving. Prepare yourself to get hurt but rise
above it later. That is how this flying home bird operated. Accepting the ways of life like this
strengthens everyone beyond expectations and builds self-trust. Letting go of things and
people has always been a task but dear millennials, do that. Do that so you rise above your
fears, do that to know who the real ones are, only the real ones can make their way back into
your life.
The quantity of friends has always been a cool factor of personality but don’t worry if it is the

other way around for you. This flying homebird had only a very few. Still, I have had a beyond-
perfect lifestyle. But that was a beautiful eye-opener for me, indeed.

I would always be available and would reply to people instantly. Of course, I was taken for
granted later. This communication made my position in their lives pretty clear. Eventually made
me realize that you do not need plenty of people around you to succeed.
People tell you things but you wouldn’t know about it until you walk into the fields yourself. I
had never opened up to anyone but now I stand as a person who can understand and feel the
other person quite well. After a point, I stopped sharing things with others but today, they seek
my opinion. This flying home bird believes in taking a flight to the open sky where people do
not raise their voices unnecessarily, nor do they get angry. This trait of mine at one time was
misinterpreted as being my weakness, they knew I wasn’t going to shout, so they chose me
to raise their voices. I still rose to be a super-calm soul.

They wouldn’t lend their ears to my words, so I became one for others, respecting their
perspectives for what they were, with no judgments attached. A super-soft soul.
When my journey of life began, my personality wasn’t the way it is today. I wouldn’t call it bad
because that is where it all began and where I stand today is all because of that very
personality that was looked down upon, made fun of, and mimicked. So, I stand here, on a
very long flight to empowering Indian Millennials, making a way for my passions with purpose,
and nurturing my career, personal life, and lifestyle. I’ve come a long way, and have a long
way ahead but I’m much grateful for having witnessed the transformation beneath the pain.

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