There are regular restaurants, and then there is fine dining. We also have day cafes and specialty spots. Just imagine if we manage to have one place which is also a restaurant and a cafe and at the same time it’s a fine dining restaurant with a royal feel to it. And that’s being done by THE PARK HERITAGE located right in the city’s heart. It’s a 2 min walk from the nearest metro station, and it’s in the center of the city. Realistically it adds to the famed chain of eating spots that exist on Park Street.  

We had a chance to know more from one of the partners of The Park Heritage, Mr Karamat Illahi, much known for his vast fan following amongst the youth of Kolkata.

We wanted to know more about him and his venture. We asked him what makes The Park Heritage special? He says, “It’s a proper fine dining restaurant in the center of Kolkata. Can anything be more special? There are several restaurants around us, but the Park Heritage stands out in every possible way.”

Further asked him how come he decided to venture into the FnB business with no experience or any kind of background in the culinary specialty. He humbly replies, “Having no experience is a complete myth. I have been a businessman for many years now, and I’ve entered this market with a mission and a vision. I can soundly stake a claim because I have a super strong team which are the best at what they do. Each excels in their own department. ” 

His answers impressed us, and we did agree. All we wanted to know is how come The Park Heritage became so popular amongst the youth. He says, ” Today’s youth is all about taking a risk. And I did exactly that when I got into this business. Its probably the fact that the youth and I are synched. Our mentalities match. I feel they can sense representation of sorts. Maybe that’s why they love my restaurant and all that I provide. ” 

We motioned the next question on our minds. We asked why you would recommend first-timers to visit his place? He says, ” Whoever visits us always takes back a memory. Our staff is extremely proffesional and equally friendly. They will feel at home and be comfortable. We would love to have more people joining us and becoming a part of this family we have. “

We ended our questionnaire by asking him what his future plans are and if there are any expansion ideas in place yet. He says, ” In terms of expansion we have many future projects lined up. Since we have the youth crowd with us, we feel that half the battle is won. We are looking to open multiple outlets accross the country in the future. We foresee us as a big brand and a bright future. ” 

We loved his enthusiasm and his zest for the business. Looking forward to what he has in store for the city. You guys should definitely have the food at The Park Heritage.

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