Someone said it right, ‘Life is better in Pyjamas!’. Fashion has always been a component that is non-negotiable in every outfit. Weekends have always been looked upon as a reason to go out and party, but social distancing and safety have been a priority when it comes to a new standard, weekend or weekdays. On such days, when you feel too comfortable to get up from bed and change your clothes to go out for buying groceries or just for a quick meet up with your friends, steps in the lounge wear to rescue. 

When we talk about lounge wear, most people are unaware of what it means, even though we wear it all the time. Lounge wear is the type of clothing that can be worn at the comfort of your home and for casual outings. Lounge wears are not just a necessity but are also turning out to be the most recent trend. 

You are presenting you with a brand that understands and caters for your lounge needs and assists you in customizing your dreamy sleepwear. It has been less than a year that ‘The PJ Life’ has made its presence on Social media but has undoubtedly won over several hearts with its customization and comfortable clothing since its launch. 

‘The PJ Life’ is a cloud boutique based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The founder of the brand is a finance professional who always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even after having a reputed degree from a recognized professional institute and numerous lucrative offers from renowned multinationals, the founder always wanted to start her own business house but never really had that idea that could touch her soul. During the lockdown due to Covid-19, the founder got some time from her busy schedule and found her passion for clothing and fashion. She conceptualized the idea of a cloud boutique that caters to the need for lounge wear, sleepwear and comfort wear for people. 

After a lot of research and brainstorming, ‘The PJ Life’ came to existence and has not stopped since its launch. The stylish and quirky prints not only win over hearts but also assures quality and comfort. The primary concern of the brand is to focus on the quality of fabric and fitting. 

The brand has an exclusive collection of premium cotton fabrics, including cambric cotton, modal cotton, and soft cotton. With a team of dedicated artisans, ‘The PJ Life’ also offers a massive hand block cotton fabric collection, which is a bestseller. The quirky prints on soft cotton are a hit among women and children mostly. During wedding season and winters, premium satin and printed satin loungewear are most sought upon.

As it goes in every boutique, ‘The PJ Life’ follows the same rule. The customer must select a piece of fabric and a print, followed by the measurements. Once the product is made, the same is carefully packed and dispatched in a beautiful packaging of a canvas tote bag. The delivery is across India, and soon, the same will start internationally. 

The brand has also recently started sleep accessories, including premium satin scrunchies, pillow cover sets, and eye masks. Catering to special requests, lace sleep gowns are also customized for newlywed brides. The brand also specializes in plus size clothing, which has gained quite an audience in a short period. 

‘The PJ Life’ has served numerous Pyjama parties and wedding sleepovers in recent months. It has been a great gifting option on the occasions of birthdays, weddings and festivals. The brand has catered to the needs of customized return gifts in the form of customized eye masks. The brand has been a great companion in various trips to its customers. 

The time has come to embrace the cosy and classy lounge wears, which ensures quality and comfort. Click the below link and follow for the updates. 


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