The Urban Den: Work from home with Portable Sofas

           Lockdown has capsuled our life within four walls as well as it compelled the stressful experience of working from home. Surely, everybody will admit that long hours of nonstop work sitting in front of a screen exhausts our mind & body affecting our daily lives work such as sleeping disorders, intense back and neck pain, unfocused mind, and so on. To dump all those complications from your life, the Indian company, Urban Den has begun presenting delicate, exotic, and easily affordable floor sofa settings and other varieties of useful pieces of furniture. The delightful part of these products is not only limited to providing you comfortable work from home experience but also asserting a charming appearance to your work from home office and balconies. Urban Den is devoted to glorifying your room with quality, as we firmly believe that the house reflects people’s character.

 Exciting Features of Urban Den Including The Products : 

                                Urban Den is the 1st Indian brand offering an exclusive range of floor seatings. Our company emerged in lockdown period to provide heavily desired comfort and relaxation during work from home, even it’s relentless. Our startup bloomed as an e-commerce website selling unique products directly to customers. The sofas are hand-stitched and designed in a unique way that provides comfort as well as sophisticates house interior according to an enviable character and quality. The flattering part is that people can carry sofas easily anywhere and use them. Unlike desks and chairs, these sofas bring coziness to people huge work pressure. Besides floor seatings, it also offers beautiful floor mattress, tapestry, a coffee table that is adequate to make one’s living room a lovable office.

The Trajectory of Urban Den :

        Lockdown and work from issues have impelled us to come up with the idea to offer easy to carry, comfortable sofas to ease and soothe the work from home experience. The startup founder, Ritika Lohiya began her journey with baby steps just at the age of 23. The exquisite idea of floor sofas popped up during lockdown while she was working as an employee in a digital marketing firm from home. The exhausting working hours, sitting at a desk in the room propelled her to create a desirable product that is comfortable to sit on and easily movable to change the workspace.  

       Keeping in mind that the majority of people in India live in flats within limited space and small balconies, we initiated our very first product lazy sofa. Our first product elicited immense love and attention on Instagram handle urbanden_home_decor – our first platform to exhibit the design and product. We have commercially launched our products on, Propshot24, Flipkart. At an earlier stage, the Modular sofa became the best seller product on Amazon. We started selling through our website from the very first day. The reason for the intriguing quality and design of sofas is the unparallel stitching technique, which looks easy but requires a great deal of brain and physical work. 

       Since 8 months of our journey, we have received splendid responses from our customers and so we are launching our products on Urban Ladder and

Our Vision And Goal :

       Amid lockdown, when we laid our products for the home confined working persons, they found them utterly fascinating. Our design and affordable prices let our company shine and satisfy the customers at the very early stage of our business. Even the lockdown is on the verge currently, customers’ interest in the products doesn’t fade away as they are usable and useful anytime and anywhere always with the best result. Till now our turnover is 45 lakhs. In the future, we envision expanding our customization sector in seatings and resolutely aim to become a beloved and demandable brand that will be people’s only trustworthy choice to renovate room interior and balcony. As technology is hemming us in all aspects of our life, office-going is becoming unnecessary, in this respect, we pledge that we won’t leave any stones unturned to customize your house, perfectly suitable to in-home working culture with sheer beauty and character. We believe that Urban Den will be the recent and future alternative of home design and comfort.

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