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In this pandemic era, the ed-tech sector is thriving and has been a boon to many students. But way before the exclusive age of online education, very few apps were launched for Pharma students, and Dr Pharma is one among them. An ed-tech firm provides a free learning platform exclusively for Pharm D and B Pharm students. Dr Pharma is an instance of how passion could be incorporated into the profession. The firm currently has four applications as well as a credible YouTube channel.

Pharm D app lays the foundation of Dr Pharma. 

It is the first free application exclusively for Pharm D students in India. It was launched in 2019 by Muhammad Afsal C, then a fourth-year Pharm D student. 

Afsal, the founder of Dr Pharma, is currently doing his internship in Cherraan’s College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore. During his early years in college, he realised that even a decade after the course’s inception, the students, including him, still struggled to obtain precise study materials for the subjects as per the syllabus. He and his classmates expedite the thought of creating a platform to conjoin the fellow Pharmdians and bring forth study materials for all the subjects under a single platform and lay the first stone for the development of the Pharm D app. Afsal and his technophile friends launched the app’s prototype, creating a synergy of fresh young minds.

Started as an application for his classroom purpose, and now turned Pharm D app is the most used application by Pharm D students in India and across the world, continuing its triumph with 80K+ downloads.

The salient features of the app include a complete curriculum based on PCI and provide previous year question papers, case presentations, drug classification and other valuable features for the students.

Another app named ‘Pharmacon’ from Dr Pharma was launched in April 2020. It’s an advanced platform that provides a close at hand to a systemised listing of drugs according to their relevant characteristics. It is an excellent help to all medical students and professionals.

B pharm app, exclusively for B pharm students, was launched during the first lockdown and has gained massive popularity among the students with 100k+ downloads in a short span of time.

Dr Pharma is happy to establish its horizon with the launch prototype of a Nursing app designed for nursing students and professionals. Dr Pharma apps are available in Google Play Store. A Global expansion of the firm is on the cards for this enthusiastic young man and his friends.

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