These Young Entrepreneur Is Bringing In Fresh Perspective While Offering 360° Marketing and Branding Solution. 

They say- “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Meet Varsha Jaiswal and S Kumar, a young and ambitious entrepreneur from Delhi making it big in marketing, PR, and branding as a Founder of Emeralds World– a 360- marketing company in Delhi- NCR. 

The Story Behind Emeralds World – a 360° marketing Company

Last year when Covid-19 was creating havoc and disrupting every sector and workforce, the hospitality sector was the worst hit. Destinations were getting closed. Hotels are being shut down. And with the travel restriction imposed, millions of travel, tour, and hospitality professionals had no idea where exactly this whole thing is heading to. Even the people employed with multi-property hotel chains were asked to leave the job or were being forced to work with reduced compensation. The situation was challenging, which ignited the hidden passion that Varsha Jaiswal was holding on to. 

After completing her MBA- Marketing and Communication from a premier institute in India, she delivered her responsibilities as a Corporate Marketing Manager with Jaypee Hotels and Resorts. When Covid struck, she realized that women employees were the first to be asked to leave. Although she was doing well in her job, the element of job security was missing. It was getting bigger with each passing day during the pandemic. She sensed that quite early and decided to pursue her passion and founded Emeralds Word- a 360° marketing company for businesses of all sizes in Delhi and NCR.

Building Emeralds World

With a knack for “all- things-marketing” and with tons of experience working for some of the best known luxurious hospitality brands and highly reputed media houses, she, along with her founding partner, S Kumar, decided to stick to their core strength. In May 2021, Emeralds World is born- a company whose expertise lies in developing and implementing integrated marketing strategy and overseeing all aspects of brand building that is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. Now Varsha Jaiswal and her founding partner, S Kumar, is the proud founder of Emeralds World. They contribute their and her company’s success to the immensely passionate team that they are proud of. 

When we quipped her about how does it feel to be a Founder now, she says 

“We work for ourselves now. And with our start up, we were able to generate employment opportunities for 13 other covid impacted women. All thanks to our drive to do something for society and other female counterparts to bring about positive changes. We are on our journey to instil a feeling of women empowerment and inspiring the community never to stop dreaming.”

High adoption and long-term growth trajectory

With her startup, Emeralds World, she, along with her founding partner, S Kumar, is committed to transforming the way people are used to working in the marketing space. The whole marketing and branding space for businesses is an immensely competitive turf. Every company needs to be selective and innovative to understand its target audience and engage more meaningfully.

Having launched the primary product offering starting from May 2021, they are targeting high adoption of their innovative and cutting edge marketing and branding solution as the preferred marketing for every business in the next 5 years.   

When we asked the founding partner of Emeralds World, S Kumar- Brand development and marketing expert, what makes Emerald World a preferred choice for several businesses in Delhi-NCR reason, he was quick to add.

“Great brands don’t just promote their products but stand with basic ideologies as well. They make a constant effort to make the world a better place to live through their thought leadership marketing. Our hugely passionate team of marketers at Emerald’s World lays a strong emphasis on creating a unique marketing plan for every brand to all the channels available where we feel your product would be a great fit.”

Emeralds world helps companies professionally fulfil all their branding needs. From Marketing to Design to Content, Emerald Worlds’ Marketing professionals churn out unique-integrated solutions that suit your brand’s personality.

Emeralds World: delivering a 360° marketing solution

Emeralds World expertise while providing a 360° marketing solution, creating interactive websites, complete content writing services, SEO/SEM, PR, brand development, Programmatic marketing, Photography, and videography is a must-have for every business looking at scaling and gaining momentum within their target audience.

Whether you are a startup or a well-established company looking to bring about some fresh and innovative ideas, the 360° marketing and branding solution from Emerald World could be a game-changer for you. 

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