Three brothers make it big and help India fight against covid through KishKindha

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Whilst the whole nation was under panic of the sudden jolt that was Covid 19. Everyone went berserk trying to make sense of it and get a hold of things. Things were still afresh, no one knew what could go wrong – at a time like these Heroes like Gaurav Mahesh Gupta and his brothers Prateek Gupta and Shashank Gupta took it upon themselves to make a change and contribute their help to the hopeless situation that it was. They started an initiative under Kishkinda company to be able to help during the time of Covid.

Brave are those who don’t hold back when adversity hits them. These three brothers didn’t stop at helping just their family in fact kept pushing to help the public in general. They had their eyes set on the goal and did an unbelievable thing of getting awarded 100+ government tenders within seven months. Such a thing is uheard of! There’s a good reason why their company has gotten so ahead with so many difficulties around them. The only reason why they persisted is that they did not back down when they were in huge trouble.

Election Commission of India, for legislative Assembly Elections of Uttar Pradesh & Goa for Emergency Arrangements for Covid 19 for the public safety in All Districts. They had gallantly taken up the responsibility for a population of more than 16 crores in Uttar Pradesh. They superceeded their expectations and served on-time deliveries although safety was the challenge. They pushed their limits and aimed to help as many people as possible. Doing so they had even received praise from District Magistrates & Election Officers for their brave and selfless nature.

“They were in a critical condition we didn’t know what we could do so we did what we could, we labored on,” says the entrepreneur Gaurav Mahesh Gupta. Their parents had gotten infected with delta variant of covid in 2021 and was in critical condition, even during such times, they had decided to keep their supply chain going and help everyone they possibly could. “It is the gift of God or miracle, that they doing all better now,” they say, however, these are only the fruits of their labor and their good work. They believed so much in their goal and concept that even others put their faith in them. Kishkindha has been awarded FDIs two times  – one must realize it’s no easy task to get investment from foreign places specially a country like United States Kishkindha was one of the first ones to fight so rigorously against Covid and give it their all. It is the first Company in India which to pass all tests & submitted a  510k certification for Surgical Gowns with the United States FDA, there is no doubt it is one of the fastest growing companies being present in 18 countries now.

Kishkindha is a brand you can fully trust, it has been promoted by the Ministry of Commerce under Government E Marketplace (GEM) with its achievements directly to our honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. With such backing they don’t need any more credibility receipts but, their work speaks for itself. They have worked for 24 hours a day since the covid pandemic and have supported many doctors, hospitals & covid warriors along the way. They have not only set foot in India but have branched out globally as well. They have supplied in trying times and have gained massive support from all sides looking at their will and determenination. They have also been supported by the Chinese, American, and Indian Governments. They are your way to go, place your faith in Kishkindha.

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