True Dreamster Press- A Home of Ventures which is more than a Book Publisher

True Dreamster Press has been functioning successfully as an ever-growing multidimensional Publishing company, promoting and supporting literature and literature enthusiasts all around the country. Besides the book publishing, you would love to count on our utility services. As We always say, We’re more than a Book Publisher. Being a home of ventures, True Dreamster not only focuses on publishing books but also offers varied other additional amenities like event organizing, book talk sessions, fun interviews with impelling personalities, building other emerging tiny publishing houses with our Imprint Plans etc.; all but making sure to keep our unrivalled quality in check.

Our Units & Services-

1. True Dreamster Press- An Unit to Publish Books in Any Language, Any Genre, Any Category.

2. True Events- An Unit to Organize events like Open Mic Events, Book Launch Events, Book Talk Shows etc., In various cities.

3. Dreamer’s Shelf- An Unit to publish anthologies, already published more than 600 anthologies in a year.

4. True Imprints- An Unit to Build a Publishing Startup with Zero Investment.

5. You’re Next- An Unit to promote & introduce emerging artists.

6. True Dreamster X, True Books & Official Merchandise (Untitled) Units will be launched Soon.

True Dreamster has over 1200+ published books and 10000+ newly launched authors & co-authors under their wing. Customer gratification being our crucial motto, we strive to accentuate our focus on serving our customers better using the most adaptable and high-end technologies. Their team of young and zestful professionals work ardently to bring together these reliable, budget-friendly services for our customers under one roof at the most unparalleled prices and quality.

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