Vikas G Gupta: Internationally acclaimed author who is ruling the world of literature with his unputdownable novels “Death of a Ghost” and “On Duty” 

“Debuting with the book ‘On Duty’ Author Vikas G. Gupta has written for various popular television shows such as ‘Mano ya na Mano’ and ‘The Golden Era’. He has also penned for various channel and program promos along with mystery and comic genres”

Writing is a surreal process and every authors and writers are unique with different take on their writing. Introducing one such unique writer who has made a mark with his writing whether in his book or on television shows and never failed his audience. As a matter of fact his writing did certainly made him become an extraordinary writer specialized in both fiction and non-fiction writing and at more a creative and practical personality. In latest conversation with writer and Author Vikas G. Gupta.

How did you start your journey as a writer? 

– It was all unplanned and just happened, I was always inclined to reading story books since my childhood then gradually I started writing stories. Initially I began writing mythological stories then I started writing articles for a Hindi daily newspaper. Though this type of writing was different altogether but I enjoyed it. My dream landed me into the city of dreams, Mumbai and on one fine day, I saw it getting accomplished when a writing assignment came to me and I took it, not knowing it will turn the course of my dreams. That’s when my journey as a professional writer has begun. By the grace of God I never had to look back since that day.

What are the projects have you worked on so far?

I have penned down many serials and conceptualized many programs. Amongst various famous ventures, I have been associated with Sidharth and AntraKak’s ‘Bhoomi’ and ‘Mano ya na Mano’. The spark of becoming an author ignited from my friends Parthsarthi and Ravi Adhikari and my association with Sri Adhikari Brother’ are still going strong. That was the period of my transition from a writer to an author. ‘On Duty’ was my first novel and ‘Death of a Ghost’ is my first e book that topped the chart when it was published on Amazon, it was next to Dan Brown’s. On duty was published by an American Publisher Partridge, the sister concern of Penguin.

Does the world of literature have been impacted due to the arrival of Covid- 19 pandemic?

– The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economy and all the sectors thereby changing all aspects of our lives with social distancing and restrictive movement policies. Literature, indeed, is a human reaction to certain events, occurrences, upheavals and revolutions. It is after times of real crisis that writers recollect and memorialize communal and individual struggles. Covid-19 has directly impacted the private lives and working situations of many writers. The socio-economic instability will be reflected in their writings. The threat to economic sustainability will become the criteria of evaluating their aesthetic output. This may, in turn, give prominence to fictionalized autobiographical chronicles based in real-time settings.

What kept you motivated during your writing journey especially amid pandemic and how do you visualize the writing world?

– I am a positive personality and I try to keep myself positive whatever the circumstance is and always try to go with the flow of destiny with a belief that every dark cloud has a silver lining. I want to be the writer who might catch the imagination of young people, and plant a seed that will flower and bear great fruit. I want to explore the more of me as a writer in future; writing more books and novels of different genres with the aim of encouraging my readers. Writing for films is another field which I would really love to explore if provided with an opportunity. 

What’s your take on the progressive world?

– Progressives have been at their best when we face the future bravely and optimistically; when we both are rigorous in looking at the world as it is and vigorous in introducing creative approaches to remake the world as we believe it should be.

Vikas have always been someone loved to learn and express his ideas through his writing. He has gotten better with what he did in the field of writing for which he is grateful to God for bestowing him with such  wonderful talent giving amazing opportunities. His contribution in the world of Indian literature is enormous, profound and momentous. 

His page turning novels are such that’s hard for a reader to put down. Grab a copy of it now!

Very soon Vikas will be launching his upcoming novel “The Last Remedy…in search of God…All about Love”. You can contact Vikas G. Gupta anytime on the below details:


Twitter – @vatsalvikas

Facebook – @author.vikasggupta

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