Vinay Shukla – The Man Set Out to Revolutionize the Car Washing Industry

Hyderabad, Telangana, India 4th Apr, 2022 – The automotive sector is a booming industry in India. More and more Indians are buying cars that complement their lifestyle. India is projected to become the third-biggest auto industry by 2026. But Indians are not just buying cars, they are concerned about the care of their cars. This is where the industry lacks. When it comes to something as basic as car washing or just servicing, most Indians had to rely on the services at petrol stations, the manufacturer service stations, or the local garage. This often led to problems with quality and convenience. Now, all that is set to change thanks to one man.

Meet Vinay Shukla, the man who is looking to make the lives of millions of car owners in the country a whole lot simpler. Along with this aim in mind, Mr. Shukla also has a vision to contribute to environment. That is why he started EazyServices, a start-up that allows people to subscribe waterless car washing services and get the car cleaned at their doorstep daily. Thus, helping in saving water. So, no more worrying about keeping your car clean, or struggling to take the cars to washing centres. With their hassle-free booking, customers can subscribe for the services from WhatsApp or by visiting their website. Customers can easily choose from their convenient subscription plans, where they can get their car washed on a daily basis or can even opt for one time wash as needed. The company is currently offering doorstep car wash in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Delhi, with plans to expand to other cities soon.

According to Vinay Shukla, the two things that set them apart from the rest are the convenience they offer and the quality of the service. “We are one of the few companies to offer doorstep car washing as well as car polishing service right at the doorstep”, Shukla said. He added that despite offering services at the customer’s location, they haven’t compromised on the quality of the service. “The technicians who will arrive at your doorstep would be well-equipped and will have the necessary training that will allow them to deliver a quality service that can only be matched by the best in the business”, he added.

The services offered by EazyServices, helps to maintain clean and shiny car, so you don’t loose that shine of your car. And this is done in a very eco-friendly way with minimum usage of water. The entire process is very simple and easy to use and can be booked from anywhere anytime. are currently offering services that include car washing, ceramic coating and polishing, car painting, and Teflon coating at their doorstep. They also offer 2-wheeler servicing and repairs, at their doorstep. Eazyservices offers 52 checkpoints while servicing, their team of highly experienced and dedicated mechanic ensures the entire process is transparent be it servicing or repair. This made Eazyservices as highest customer satisfied rated company. 

Shukla has expressed his desire of helping more and more people to get quality car care services at affordable prices. Vinay Shukla and his team at EazyServices are committed to changing the car washing landscape in India – one car at a time. Shukla added,” Our vision is to add other categories under service and maintenance segments like mobile repairs, home appliances and so.”

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