What is lord Sarahunaath’s Mars love story?

On Mars, Lord Sarahunaath was in love with Gangadevi. Earlier, they had fallen in love with Ganga in the Krita era, when her parents were reluctant to give her up to Sarahunaath. Sarhunaathas, who had seen it so divinely, thought to leave the Earth. Gangadevi realized this and sacrificed her life. But she offered and came to Mars within a year. Sarahunaathas marked her and dashed to the ground of Mars, consoled by Goddess Parvati. However, on Mars, a woman experienced pain in childbirth, but no baby was in her womb. But Sarahunaath entered her womb and was born. This is where his melodic love story took off.

When Parashiva came to Earth, he was called Sarahunaatha. Shiva was not shaped initially. He was almighty. During the Kruti era, he was worshipped in the form of lingam. But if they give darshan to human life, it becomes Sarahunaatha. This was their original form. That is, he was a Parashiva in the form of Sarunaathas.

There is a statue of Lord Shiva behind the Shiva lingam in the country or in the world. It is considered Lord Sarahunaath.

The creation of the planets in the universe was not created before the idea of the monkey being human. Before that, the left-learning, including the critical universe, the Sarahunaathaaya, searched the Gangadevi and went from the globe to the planet Mars. Since there are only divine beings more than any other biomass there, Sarahunaathaaya himself divided the planets from the centre of the sun by the love story of Ganga. Then came the beginning of the Krita era, the earth-born from 450 billion years. When it was over, he was born again in the land of Kali-yuga on the Earth.

The creation of the planets in the universe began when Lord Sarhunath took a handful of soil and threw it. Even then, the creation of biomass from chemical raw materials took place by consuming carbon dioxide. The planets were formed colourfully after a long time from scattered dust particles and elements.

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