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GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons House in Hawaii

Bob Parsons house and his investments in the Tech-world

Once upon a time, there was a young boy staying with his parents. The financial condition of the home was not great because both parents were addicted to gambling and hence very little of whatever they earned remained as savings. Normally, one would expect the boy to grow up and also become an even greater gambler!

But Robert Ralph Parsons, popularly known as Bob Parsons, was very different to follow the age-old convention. While he came into the limelight when he successfully sold his company Parsons Technology for $64 million to Intuit, Inc. what happened after that made him the poster boy of the technology world! Bob is the founder of Jomax Technologies which was later christened GoDaddy.com, the world’s largest internet domain name registrar. While his accomplishments in the digital world are well-known, Bob Parsons’ house in Hawaii has always attracted a lot of attention too!  

Here is more about the Bob Parsons house and his journey to date:

  • Bob was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a furniture salesman with Montgomery Ward stores.
  • From an early age, Bob learnt the art of making money by working as a delivery man for newspapers, at gas stations or even on construction sites.
  • He was nearly thrown out of high school due to his poor academic performance. Ultimately, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served in the Vietnam War. Bob claims that his Vietnam posting changed his life forever.
  • He was wounded in action there and spent two months in the hospital recovering. He even won the coveted Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Gallantry Cross and a Purple Heart for his exemplary service. But the two-month hospital stay helped him clear his mind and get a grip on life.
  • Soon after in 1975, he earned a degree in Accounting from the University of Baltimore and began working as a salesman for one of the software companies. While still working in this company, he founded a small startup named Parsons Technology in 1984 and started selling his first product MoneyCounts, a home accounting program.
  • By the time Bob sold Parsons Technology to Intuit, Inc. for $64 million in 1994, this privately held company had over 1000 employees on its rolls, $100 million in revenue and over 3 million customers.
  • 3 years after this sale, Bob Parsons started the website and domain name registrar company by the name Jomax Technology which was later rechristened as GoDaddy. Eventually in 2011, sold his majority stake for $2.3 billion!
  • In 2012, he started another company by the name YAM Worldwide which is the holding company for PGX (Parsons Xtreme Golf, GO AZ Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, Scottsdale National Golf Club, Sneaky Big, YAM Properties (owner-operator of retail space in Phoenix, Arizona) and YAM Capital (Real Estate Financing).
  • In September 2020, Forbes ranked Bob Parsons at number 378 in the Forbes-400 list released that year.
  • But besides his companies, Bob Parsons’ houses have always been in the news. First was when he bought a Bali-styled Hawaiian house in Hawaii from famous singer Cher for $8.72 million in 2010.
  • This 10,000 square foot house had 6 bedrooms, of which 4 had a private garden and outdoor showers. This Bob Parsons house in Hawaii also had a dining room and a master bedroom suite. But the best part was the breath taking views of Maui seen from this house.
  • Since it was collocated with the Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai, guests staying at Bob Parsons’s house even had access to the resort’s facilities like the tennis courts, golf course, swimming pool, private beach and the resort’s six restaurants!
  • This Bob Parsons house in Hawaii finally went on sale in 2019 for an asking price of $10.96 million.

Though Bob Parsons resigned as the CEO of GoDaddy after he sold close to 70% of his stake in 2011, he continued as a Board member. But in 2014 he finally stepped down completely and is now involved in the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation, a philanthropic trust he co-founded with his wife.

From being raised in a family which always had a dearth of money, Bob Parsons is today counted as one of the richest men alive. While he is known for his sound investment strategies in the digital world, Bob Parsons’ houses show that he is an astute investor in the physical world too!


He is was the founder of internet domain name registrar company GoDaddy, but Bob Parsons house in Hawaii also made him equally famous. Here is more about Bob Parson and his house 

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