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Does money cause stress in your life? 

Do you feel frustrated about your finances… but don’t know the root cause?

It might be because of your lack of self-worth.

“Self-worth” is the story you have about yourself… and it directly correlates to the money flowing into your life right now…

                                               – Avikaa Singh

So if you’re walking around all day thinking you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve it, and other people deserve it more… The last thing you’re doing is creating and compounding wealth.

So, how do you increase your self-worth and your net worth?

You need to master 3 important pillars, which I’ll explain further. 

I will help you clear your roadblocks and unlock the doors of your inner power.

The YBF platform strives to bring confidence into the lives of people with strategic planning. 

We at YBF will help you go from passionless to purposeful. FROM SIDE HUSTLER TO A CEO

When you think about money and your finances, what comes up for you, Avi?

Stress? Struggle? Overwhelm?

What if you could have a different relationship with money – one that feels stress-free?

Just think of what that could mean for you – what kind of LIFE could you create?

Who wants finances holding them back from living their dreams?

As Avikaa says, either you master money or on some level money masters YOU.

These tips could mean the difference between staying stressed and growing your wealth – you don’t want to miss it!

How did the world’s wealthiest people get to where they are?

  • Some will say it can only be done when you start with money…
  • Some will say you have to invest in stocks or start trading…
  • Some will say it’s down to luck…

Although these are factors in why some people get rich, not one of them is the main reason…

There’s something that the world’s wealthiest people invest significant time in…

…And it’s not their portfolio, their inner circle, OR their business…

It’s their mind!

Before you even think about investing in your business or product, you need to invest in yourself!

With the right mindset, you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to!

Join us in the one year online course “FLAWS TO FANTASTIQUE”……….” to achieve success at its peak, not only in your personal, but also your professional life.

You will get absolute guidance from the best financial coaches.
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