Your period night’s Best partner: Femiworld Sanitary Pads

Bhartiworld is an Indian brand which was established , inspired by the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji, under the trade name B K Traders , headed by Mrs. Bharti Jandiyal. The Company has primarily been dealing in the trading of multiple Indian and imported products throughout the country.

Empowered by a customer centric vision, the core value of Bhartiworld is to deliver the best quality and safety to its consumers at affordable cost.

When it comes to periods , every woman thinks about getting the best sanitary pad available in the market and in doing so they choose from the available options without even knowing their pros & cons. There are many brands available in the market which are good market players but when it comes to delivering quality to their customers, there is a huge gap in commitment vs delivery.

Femiworld Sanitary Pads ensures that the quality of their pads offer best comfort and utility during period nights. Whether it’s a promise of being best in leakage proof or it’s about the quality of cotton for the highest comfort levels for your skin, which not only prevents rashes but their entire range is based on Customers first policy.

Femiworld Sanitary Pads come in two sizes- Large & Extra-large. These pads are made with Biodegradable polymer gel, which ensures effective fluid absorption allowing the pads to stay dry all the time.

Keeping in mind the demand of today’s generation, Bhartiworld is working on launching more quality products like herbal oil, soaps, hair shampoo & much more, in order to cater to the demands of their valuable customers. The new range of Bhartiworld will be best in both terms, in quality as well as priced competitively in the market. Bhartiworld always think about their customers first that is why they do not compromise with the quality of the products.

Bhartiworld also successfully organizes drives in the rural areas, where many women are made aware of the need of hygiene in their daily lifestyle and they are introduced to using sanitary pads during their periods. By distributing free Sanitary pads to those ladies and providing them the right information through Femiworld Sanitary Pads, they are doing a great job and making an effort to save them from several severe health issues, which can be caused by using a cloth instead of a sanitary pad.

Bhartiworld strongly believes that a happy & healthy period is the basic right of every woman in this world.

You can shop these products at various E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa & more. Bhartiworld recommends you to use Femiworld Sanitary Pads once & experience the change.

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