Zayn Raza, a corporate guy turned into a full time musician!

Zayn Raza is a well-known musician, coming from a small town “Muzaffarpur”, Bihar. His real name is Syed Mohammad Ali Raza but popularly known as Zayn Raza among his fans. He comes from a family background of people excelling in Academics and the Corporate world but according to Zayn, he always wanted to make his destiny by himself. His one of the most desired goal in his life is to establish his name and fame in the music industry all across the world. He is a multi-talented person as he is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and also composer. He is a perfect example of a hard-working person who is fully determined to achieve his goal. According to him “Our life is controlled by what we focus on”!! 

Zayn comes from the family background of people excelling in Academics and the Corporate world. His father is a retired govt. official (Addl. General Manager -NTPC Ltd.) and his mother is a homemaker. He has two elder sisters and both are in the corporate world. According to him, his father is a role model for him, who has always inspired him by saying “the tree ladened with fruits, always bends low. If you wish to be great be lowly and meek”!. 

Education-wise, he has done Mechanical Engineering in his graduation from Lucknow. Also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Operations Management from IMT Hyderabad, India and Strasbourg University, France. 

Zayn’s father as a Retd. Govt. Officer always dreamt to see his son in the same profession, but  Zayn  always wanted to pursue his self-made destination.

He is not someone who was dedicated to music since childhood. He never had an inclination towards music until the day when he was watching Cartoon Network and his sister changed the channel onto the music channel. She insisted him to listen the song “Aadat” which really touched his heart and he started listening to all songs on the album by the band “JAL”. Back then a friend of his owned a guitar worth ₹16,000 and it made him to question its features. He told him to bring his guitar to his terrace during the cozy winter night. That was the moment when he started singing the song named “Wo Lamhe” and that was appreciated very much by the people around him.

In 2010, he started learning vocals and guitar on his own and he is a self-taught musician. After a while he started his music career as a songwriter for a band called “FUSION”. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t sustain for long and he went for his Engineering.

In  2018, when he was doing his Masters, he witnessed the major transition in himself when he went to France under the Student Exchange PROGRAM. He used to wander alone in the streets of France and that in itself gave him a renewed perception of life and he was able to discover himself.  As he was a self taught musician, seeing this, one faculty member of his University encouraged him more for music, that she downloaded each and every cover and original composition of his.

Music has truly held him to connect with various people and to find the real person in him. 

In 2018, Zayn came up with the music video of his originals MAIN  PAYA HAI. under the banner MUSICAL DREAMS. From there he started his career as a musician.

He started putting his originals on major music platforms like Spotify, I Tunes, Amazon, YouTube, etc……as an independent artist.

In 2020, he made a band named “SAZA THE BAND” and right now he is continuously releasing his songs on both of his entitles i.e, @Zayn Raza and on his band account (@Saza The Band) as well.

His upcoming project “Kabhi Aisa” which is about lost love, will hit the charts soon. It’s a rock song so stay tuned to his social media handles for updates. 

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