The direct selling industry will play a significant role in India becoming self-reliant –Abhishek Gupta, MD Altos Enterprises Ltd.

Delhi: Despite job cuts and economic losses in various sectors, the direct selling industry has provided an alternative career to millions of people. The direct selling industry has helped many families to earn extra income, especially in the pandemic. 

In this episode, Abhishek Gupta, a young entrepreneur and well-known name of the direct selling industry, has set an example. He joined Altos Enterprises Ltd in 2012 after completing a master in Business Management from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Altos was started by his father, Dr Ashwani Gupta, in the year 2000, with a vision of Healthy India. His early experience was shaped by intense learning under the guidance of his father. He trained & apprenticed on all aspects of the business which have in Altos Enterprises Limited. His early experience provided him with managerial & Leadership expertise, which he has developed over the years.

Altos Enterprises has completed 21 years of its business operations. He gave all the credit to successful Market expansion to his Direct Sellers, who has contributed to his trailblazing journey. Although, ups and downs in the market, the determination of the people who have been associated with him has contributed to altos success in the marketplace.

Inspirational Tag Line of Altos “Health is Life” illustrates the business philosophy with which Altos Enterprises was incorporated. Altos has a homegrown manufacturing plant, which enables it to produce Health & Wellness products. Altos provides High-Quality products to its direct sellers, which gives them Health and an opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurial career. We also have placed idea boxes, which encourages innovation in the workplace.

Further, Abhishek Gupta added, “An Entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful, uplifting tool for the people of our country. We motivate our employees by providing them with a conducive work environment that nurtures Team spirit, cooperation, and harmony & skill enhancement for employees. At Altos, we have an open culture that provides feedback to our employees on their performance. We also ensure that our employees are motivated and are driven to excel at work.

My family has played a big part in my success as Managing Director of Altos Enterprises. At every stage of my life, I have been counselled, guided and supported by them. They taught me courage, adding value to the world, always listening, never giving up, and being honest. These values have shaped me into where I’m today.

My Advice to youngsters to build a successful career in Direct Selling requires cultivating patience and learning its nuances. Youngsters getting associated with Direct Selling should work diligently and build their career in a step by step manner.

Further, I would like to advise Youth to invest in learning new things. Direct Sellers need to follow the system which is put in place by the organization. They need to learn from the experience of their uplines.

I appreciate the Industry body Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) ‘s’s efforts for regularly organizing Webinars during this period, which allowed the Industry to come together on a unified platform during this uncertain time. Further, we Altos have added more products in Alto’s health basket categories like Ayurvedic Medicine, Muscle, Skincare, Fragrances, Homecare, Haircare, Garments, spices, etc.

I wish more than a Billion Members of Team India, Innovative & sustainable, coming years, which takes us nearer to the dream of being a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy.

I dream of an India where every citizen is literate and skilled. I want my country to be considered as a World Class destination for conducting Trade & Commerce Activities.

In terms of Ease of Doing Business, I want my country to be among the top 10 nations in the world. India should have a world-class infrastructure that will ensure hassle-free movement of goods from one part to another.

My India of Dream should be landed, which breathes growth and ensures growth & development of its people.

An interview with:

Abhishek Gupta 

Managing Director – Altos Enterprises Ltd

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

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