How E-gifting solutions are changing the post-covid gifting needs…

Since the last few years, the world has been facing drastic changes, which have changed all the rules of gifting and thrown away the need for physical gifting out of the window.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the thinking of every person. The people have forgotten birthday, anniversary and any other occasions of their loved ones because physical gifting has been obsolete from the market. Afterwards, Digital Market has been boosting up and E-Gifts has entered into the market. 

The corporate gifting market accelerated the pace of digital e-gifting into a new era where almost all gifting is done online. Zpay Solutions Private Limited have solved many problems of gifting in the current scenario. 99gift have provided the best solutions to the corporates and individuals to gift their employees and loved ones in a new manner (i.e. Gift Vouchers like Shoppers Stop, Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy and many others.) Zpay has started their business in the year 2019 with the objective of bringing new era i.e. digital gifting. 99gift is a B2C platform where customers get a wide range of e-gift cards. is an online gifting website, providing all the gifting solutions in a single platform to the stores, organizations, and end-users. The purpose of 99gift is to provide all the leading brands on a single platform along with some additional discounts to the customers. Gifting is always a way to demonstrate our devotion and gratitude towards our employees, relatives, and friends. These offerings contribute to making further relations in a social perspective. Since its inception, 99gift has approached gifting through E-methods, providing people the luxury to access online gifting facilities. 

99gift provides very huge discounts to their customers so that they can get the maximum benefits. On 99gift website, E-vouchers are available for every occasion and festival. Digital gifting has reduced the time and effort of the people which they spend during the selection of the gift items. It is also cost-effective for everyone, also they get huge discount on the face value of vouchers. The customizations of the vouchers are also available as per the occasion and demand of the customer. The presentation keeps the image of the brand name upfront producing the consequences of saluting top-notch levels. The 99gift application provides e-gifting on multiple listed brands, which can be redeemed at brand stores & online. 

The co-founders of Zpay Solutions realized the post- Covid19 effects on physical gifting and promoting the local stores as a challenge. The urge for digitalization is growing rapidly so as to its criteria and it is not limited to any particular stream. Maintaining the balance in quality and quantity is challenging keeping the resources, decisions, and implementation at foremost.

We come up with 99gift, the latest app for online gifting. Although there are many gifting apps available on the e-commerce platform but we have a high success ratio and repetitive customers. We just crossed 1.2 million hits and introduced various brands to our customers. And as we see it, it is just a beginning.

In our starting journey, we have always been showered with motivations from the experienced fellows, customers, and doyens of the industry. After doing multiple experiments, Thomas Addison stated,” I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.” And his achieved success in turn of his continuous hard work is still illuminating the path of humanity.

The steps of the easy e-gifting include:

  1. Registration: Registration is a simple process, just add your name, contact, email, and other details, and you are registered. After Registration, login to your account and browse the listed brands. After selecting the brand’s denomination of the brands, purchase the e-gift card and then redeem it by copying codes on online platforms.
  2. Delivering services with ease and making our customers satisfied is our primary motto.

Our Vision is to provide the customer’s favorite gift items to make a contribution in the infrastructure of the gifting and build a framework for gifting revolutions not only for business but to their end-users.

From offline to online, we have moved from traditional to new age gifting, where personalization of the gifting is added and gives a new face to the corporate gifting. Technologies are emerging and enabling the path to the making connection, and also improving monetary transactions. 

99gift have achieved a high ratio of satisfy customers, they will focus on each and every customer. Their main focus is on the need and demand of the customers so that he will get the best value for their price.

Last but not the least the main motto of Zpay Solutions Private Limited is “Something values more than money”.

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