Hyderabad-based B2B Ed-tech Startup Fatcat raised 50L rupees of pre-seed funding from an angel investor

While we can all agree we would all cheer for a change in the education system in India, but, that’s not happening any time soon, however, we could make it smoother. Meet Sreevasu Boga & Sri Harsha, the co-founders of Fatcat who are aiming to redefine the legacy technologies in educational institutions. Fatcat was founded in January of 2021 in Hyderabad and has been going strong since, they have raised 50L rupees of pre-seed funding from an angel investor to go forward with developing the software. In the past year, they have already made great progress in pre-selling and are going to spend the next few months building traction.  The new software features include Ai, ML-based multiple analytics, predictive student performance analysis, key performance indicators and easy report generation that help educational institutions to take actionable decisions like it was never done before.

Fatcat SaaS solutions help educational institutes in creating a completely integrated digital ecosystem that handles streamline on-campus processes and enhanced learning using tech, AI, ML, and data. With 20+ modules Fatcat is more than just an ERP system for educational institutions smoothening out their daily tasks. It brings all educators, students, and people alike on campus to the same metaphorical digital page. The Software makes learning fun for the students, assessments easier for the educators, enhances campus operations and creates better workforce engagement.

“The reason behind building the product is that Technology is expensive and essential. Colleges and universities can’t afford to dedicate resources and time on poorly conceived or inconsequential technology investments or to invent local solutions to widespread needs” says the founder of the company Mr Sreevasu Boga. He also added that they are going to use the funds to build early traction and launch an MVP within the next 3-4 months, they plan to raise more funds and focus on fully completing the product and targeting launch in at least 40 campuses in the coming year.

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