Learn about natural and transparent skin care with Unplugged Skincare


Skincare is undeniably important in one’s routine, as it should be. Our skin also needs attention and time, which we can provide through a steady routine.

With freshly found chemicals and advancements in the realm of beauty, the coming era has reinvented the concept of skincare and its significance. While skincare has been practiced for centuries, its methods, remedies, and value have evolved in a variety of ways.

Although we are familiar with numerous go-to home remedies that have remained consistent across generations and decades since they are readily available, we do require some more modern and reliable treatments that are backed by scientific research and dermatologists.

The Unplugged Skincare, founded by Naina A. Malhotra, caters to the varying needs of every skin type by bringing an inclusive range of natural, clean, transparent, and eco-friendly skincare products with the goal of providing ethical skincare products with ingredients that are not only tender and effective but also backed up by extensive research in the field of dermatology.

Naina is an IIM C alumna, a driven entrepreneur, and above all, a passionate nature lover. She started on this venture to produce a skincare line which goes by its natural ingredients but at the same time is formulated with dermatologist tested mild acid-based ingredients. She is a firm believer in honesty and transparency, which is why her brand proudly displays all of its ingredients, both natural and synthetic.

The Unplugged Skincare team distinguishes between natural and artificial components by ensuring that they are safe, clean, and effective, as well as free of toxins such as parabens and sulphates. They remove even those ingredients from their formulation that are suspected to create even the slightest harm to people. The skincare line is environmentally conscious, and it sees a healthy skincare routine blended into the lives of all types of people.

While the mainstream media has always focused on women’s beauty and skincare goods, there are now more options for men’s personal care items. Prioritizing the health of your skin, like any other area of your body, is critical for everyone. As a result, The Unplugged Skincare offers a diverse spectrum of gender-neutral products that are designed to heal, nourish, and cater for all skin types, from sensitive to coarse, oily to dry, and everything in between.

Bar soaps are one of the skincare trends that was popular in the past and is making a comeback in the present. The Unplugged Skincare has also come up with various creative concepts, such as introducing Shampoo Bars for all, demonstrating the revival of bar soaps due to their eco-friendly and water-saving nature.

Following one of its key mottos, The Unplugged Skincare ensures that it is environmentally friendly by using glass bottles for packaging, avoiding plastics, and planting one tree for every sale.

It has shown to be a promising brand that is concerned not only with the requirements of its customers but also with the preservation of our environment. With a variety of concepts for implementing a long-term range of skincare products, the firm is undoubtedly confident about the improved perspective of skincare.


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