Prabhat, The Temple of Art is an internationally renowned artistic institution from India. The organization has travelled the path of stage craft by laying it’s foundation on tradition and building on the new-age techniques by adapting to the technological era.

The ability to communicate effectively by employing innovative and creative choreography along with audio-visual craftsmanship has made this institution distinct. “Prabhat” (which incidentally means artists as lively as the dancing rays of dawn) – was one of the first organizations that overcame the language barrier and presented themes in classical dance forms using contemporary techniques. The company’s Dance Dramas/ Dance Musicals are entirely original, slipping free of the conventional and the commonplace, coming up with new insight, a new idea, a new approach with every production.

The Group consists of 100+ artists, playback singers, yoga experts, animators and technicians. Another important feature of Prabhat is its extraordinary presentation of almost all the classical forms of dance. Traditional and apt costumes in all their grandeur, exhaustively researched and thoroughly well-rehearsed lend an air of authenticity to the systems suitably made use in their dance dramas.

A family of artists that branched out as an artistic organisation belongs to the lineage of the father of Karnatic music – Saint Poet Purandara Dasa. The ancestors of this organisation were celebrated Harikatha (Story Telling) exponents. From Harikatha to cinema making, everything under the artistry-Sun has been tested and tastefully delivered by this organisation.

Prabhat Arts International, which was founded by Acharya Raghavendra J Prabhath and Guru Smt Shakuntala R Prabhath, has toured along the length and breadth of the country as well as flown overseas, giving hundreds of memorable performances with concepts ranging from Vedic, Traditional, Mythological, Historic, Political to many contemporary topics. 

The reigns of Prabhat Arts International is now held by Sharat R Prabhath, Bharat R Prabhath, and Divya Prabhath. This company has set many bench marks in the dance musical arena with constant experimentation like using holograms, live music, aerial – levitation and magic techniques. Out of many productions, the recent dance musicals – Kathaastra and 18 Days have brought back the glory of constant full house ticketed performances in and around Bangalore with far-reaching media coverage celebrating the excellence of these artistic craftsmanship. 

Prabhat is a living testimony to the fact that a tree can branch out only when it’s roots have grown deep! Along with the various artistic explorations, till date, the family continues the root art form- Harikatha with added sheen. Daasacharya Sharat R Prabhath, a trained Karnatic musician, Kathak dancer, actor and music director is a torch bearer of this rare art form and practices Harikatha under the adept supervision of his father – Raghavendra J Prabhath. 

Apart from the performances, Prabhat is actively involved in training students and moulding their impressionable minds. Guru Smt. Shakuntala R Prabhath, a renowned, senior Bharatanatyam Guru trains hundreds of students, who have been working in the field actively by creating new works frequently. Additionally, Sharat R Prabhath, a celebrated Kathak exponent of Bangalore trains many young aspirants of Kathak at their very popular lake view art space “Prabhat Kala Tapovana” located in the heart of south Bangalore. 

Today, Prabhat is an institution of international standard and its achievements in the theatre world have been remarkable. “Prabhat” is literally “The Temple of Art” where hundreds of young folks throng for training in theatre arts. Prabhat Arts International has been bestowed with “The Rajyothsava Award” – a recognition of the highest order, by the Govt. of Karnataka for it’s long-standing contribution.  

There is a fully equipped stage props arena, costumes unit, make-up, training classes, Abhinaya, dance, music, drama, yoga courses, and recording studios. 

Since 1930, Prabhat is constantly contributing to the field of art and all the auxiliary wings of the same. Prabhat is renowned as the pioneers in creating marvels on stage. The organization has been involved in serving and contributing to the society through its various offerings. In addition to Prabhat Arts International, the legacy name of Prabhat has been a talk of the town by way of:

  • Prabhat Auditoriums
  • Prabhat Sound Studio
  • Prabhat Lighting and Sound System
  • Prabhath Event Managers
  • Prabhat Costumes and so on

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