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Starting in a small garage in Kanpur, SS4 Security Management PVT LTD has grown to become the best security company in India. 

Rakesh Pratap Singh and his team at SS4 Security Agency have done a lot in a short time because they work hard and are dedicated. Rakesh Pratap Singh, the CEO of SS4 Security, was born in Ghazipur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Rakesh Pratap Singh (, who works in the field of security services, is highly qualified and a great person. He has been working in the area for over a decade. He went from having a typical 9-to-5 job to being an entrepreneur.

Mr. Rakesh Pratap Singh has a lot of experience in India and abroad in the security field. 

During his time on the job, he was recognized for his great help and service. The man whose name our company is named after is a devoted father and husband who is very religious. 

His management philosophy is centred on how important teamwork and employee freedom are to the success of an organization. 

He is the one who gets things done, and he is also the one who sees the big picture. He works hard to give his clients and employees excellent service.

Well equipped guards

Our guards have been trained to spot suspicious behavior and read body language to spot potential danger at high-profile events like football games, concerts, award ceremonies, and other similar gatherings. 

Our team of senior retired police officers can get information quickly about any terrorist activity. This lets us deal with dangers head-on and protect people and property.

We’ll talk about where SS4 security came from.

SS4 Security broke the record for the fastest growth to 135 crores, making it the first security company in the country to be like that. 

Rakesh Pratap Singh Ji thanks his customers by saying that his business has grown from having one worker to employing more than 16,000 people. On top of that, the number of places this organization serves has grown from one place to 23 states and more than 84 cities and towns across the country. Its main office is in Kanpur, with 24 offices in other parts of India.

With the help of our stakeholders, employees, and customers, we want to give our clients a safe, healthy, and productive environment. In addition, we want to be known as a trustworthy, forward-thinking company that sets the standard for security management.

The Adani group, GMR group, Reliance group, Indira IV, and KEC International are just a few of the 200 major companies and brands SS4 security protects and staff.

How SS4 security guards deal with stress

The security team you hire to protect your company’s employees, customers, and property is the only thing that will keep them safe. You hire safety experts to work in this area because you’re worried about real threats to people’s lives and your company’s good name. 

Threats to safety can happen at any time and in many different ways. The first step in taking care of your safety is to get organized. Then, you can hire safety professionals and talk to an expert protection defense employer about your protection needs. 

SS4 Security Officers get unique training to help them deal with the uncertainty of their jobs. Every business is different and has its own set of security risks that it must deal with. One constant, though, is the need to learn how to deal with traumatic events professionally.

So, what does SS4 Security do?

SS4 Security provides services like Gunmen, Security Guards, Industrial Security, Body Guards, a Female Security Team, a Safety and Fire Fighting Team, a Dog Squad, a Manpower Supply, and more to many of the biggest companies in the country.

We are setting up SS4 for safety.

SS4 Security provides services like Gunmen, Security Guards, Industrial Security, Body Guards, Female Security Team, Safety and Fire Fighting Team, Dog Squad, Manpower Supply, etc., to many of the biggest companies in the country.

Our strong leadership, knowledgeable employees, and cutting-edge security practices could make us a great partner in keeping you safe from modern security threats. We, and everyone on our staff, care most about your safety and happiness.

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