The Alibag I had dreamt of, is here: Samir A Nerurkar

Samira Habitats, the visionary land asset people, who first etched the Alibag story, twenty-five years ago, took charge and rewrote this new chapter, in a changing world. The Alibag Phenomenon, born during the pandemic, is now taking the world by storm.

Alibag was ‘snooze-ville’ all along, until it became the repose of a select, who’s who of Mumbai’s crème de la crème. Still, only the almost secret, privilege to a few!

Undoubtedly, one such visionary, who believed and invested his belief, dreams and passion, even before the money, into Alibag, is Mr. Samir A Nerurkar, the founder of Samira Habitats. When others were busy constructing bungalows in Lonavala, he sat patiently at the Samira by the Bay lounge at Mandwa Jetty watching the dream unfold. One of the largest land aggregators in Alibag, the company has continued its unshaken voyage and is #NowTrending on the real estate map. 

We spoke to Samir about the evolution of Alibag from a sleepy town to the bayside, boho-chic vibe it now has…

Q: Tell us about the Alibag of the early days, when you first saw this dream?

A: For that we need to rewind all the way to 1995 ! Then Alibag was a distant thought, on any realty mind. No one, at that time could visualise or calculate, by any conventional projections, the way its popularity would rise over the years. We began by working extremely hard on Alibag’s lifestyle infrastructure to draw attention to it and bring out the lively energy that Alibag had at its heart.

Back in the days, even the Trans-Harbour line and sea commute between Mumbai and Alibag seemed like such a far-fetched dream. 

Q: Tell us about your interaction with the place?

A: I had conviction in this land, and worked intuitively to understand the place &the people in and out. In turn, the town unraveled new grounds and opportunities for us. We faced plenty of challenges along the way but it made us what we are today. 

I knew, that Mumbai would eventually saturate its vertical expansion; and would have to expand horizontally. That expansion would have to be towards the mainland, across the sea. Alibag.

Q: How has Alibag changed over the last couple of years?

A: Today’s Alibag embodies multiple facets of a slower, more meaningful life, sprinkled with a good drizzle of excitement and haute culture! People come here to spend a day or two away; yet so close to home. It’s become so simple! Hop on to the RoRo, with your car, and retinue if you please!  Indulge in a hearty, gourmet, or local meal, bask under the clear sky, cavort at one of the many beautiful beaches, and come back to Mumbai by late evening!

Most Alibag Second Home owners or now first home owners spent months at their private reposes, during the lockdown. Thanks to the quick commute, South Mumbaikars would rather visit Alibag than go to any other part of Mumbai.

Q: Can you share briefly about your contribution to the town?

A: Our vision is synonymous with Alibag; to work in collaboration with the land and her people. Samira ensures that anybody looking for land is hand-held with our full support right from the start to end. We have nurtured and built our relationship through 25+ years of symbiotic presence in Alibag. 

We have chaperoned thousands of satisfied customers into embracing the Alibag Life.

Our list of proud Samira’s Alibagkars spans the globe and includes many prestigious institutions. We’re the one-stop-shop for anyone looking at acquiring land, and building that dream home, here. 

But, beyond the land, we are deeply invested in creating the infrastructure to support a life here. There is a lot brewing on the hospitality, healthcare, marine infra et al! So, watch this space!

Q: What are your future plans? 

A: We want to develop the region by partnering and facilitating the setting up of healthcare / criticare and trauma facilities, the best bistros, and restaurant brands, retail communities and shopping villages, sporting facilities and utility services. The whole community that feels deeply for its town is working in tandem to collaborate with this changing avataar of Alibag. 

Our gated communities of ready to build plots, Bespoke land holds and bungalows, Villa Communities and more, are spread across the scenic landscape of Alibag. Beyond the beaches, we are offering you, scintillating hillsides, greens, thickets and premium cul de sacs close to Mandwa.

Something for every discerning taste.

I see the Alibag of my dreams, as a lively, throbbing, organic, conscious and warm community of like-minded people, who have finally come home!

The Alibag I’d dreamt of is finally here!

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