This Ahmedabad Based A2 Milk Brand Wants To Revolutionize Dairy Industry by Giving Top Notch Service

India at present is the world’s largest milk producer and its production rate is growing by 35.61 per cent during the last six years to 198.4 million tonnes in 2019-2020.

But there are two BIG challenges in the Indian dairy industry today!

The adulteration and the delivery quality. 

According to a survey carried out by FSSAI, 41 percent of raw and processed milk samples fall short of one or another quality parameter or standard. Such non-compliance in raw milk could either be due to the quality of feed and rearing practices or due to the milk being diluted.

Kamal Khubchandani, Founder of Kalyya Farms realized a huge gap in the quality and the service that is being offered by milk brands today. 

Being an entrepreneur since 2014 and having built businesses in the hospitality and real estate industry, this gap prompted him to make a move in the dairy industry as well. 

He started Kalyya Farms in 2019 in Ahmedabad with an aim to provide highly nutritious farm-fresh A2 protein milk to consumers with a top notch service.  

In an interaction with “Entrepreneur stories”, Kamal Khubchandani, the Director of the company says: 

“Most of the families have been consuming adulterated milk for years thinking that it is calcium and protein rich. However, it isn’t as nutritious as they perceive it to be. In fact, most of them consume milk that has A1 protein which is not suitable for the human body. Because of this, problems like lactose intolerance and indigestion arise. What we all need is A2 protein rich milk which can be obtained only from a special Indian breed of cows – Gir cows”  

Then he goes on to explain how important it is to give cows a good diet and a happy and peaceful environment during milking as it uplifts the quality of the milk. 

Kalyya Farms now have around 100 indigenous breed Gir cows. 

Kamal adds that premium Gir cow milk cannot last more than 24-48 hours which is why Kalyya farms strives to deliver farm fresh milk within 2-3 hours of milking. 

Future Goals: 

The brand has started selling premium ghee, paneer and White Butter and is planning to expand to other cities in Gujarat and then different states as well. 

Priced at Rs 110 per liter, Kalyya Farms delivers milk to only selected areas in Ahmedabad at present and is gearing up to open deliveries across the city. 

Kamal believes in making people healthier by providing nutrient rich dairy products. Having launched successfully in Ahmedabad, Kamal has national expansion plans that will help serve his mission of making India healthy.

Kalyya Farms does not procure milk from third-party sources, and has a single source working model. Right from procuring cows, operating processing units to last-mile delivery – everything is in-house. 

“Our cows are nourished and nurtured with organically grown feed suitable for their needs. The calves are given priority for their mother’s milk. The entire process – right from procuring the cows to the distribution chain – is handled by us, assuring customers of the purity and integrity of our products,” Kamal tells Entrepreneur stories.

Kamal on why the quality of milk suffers in Indian dairy industry: 

Crossbred cows give both A1 and A2 protein but when milk is sourced from different farms to meet the demand, these cows are also given hormonal injections to increase the yield. Hence, the quality of milk deteriorates. 

The Market Size: 

The global A2 milk market size reached $8.24 billion in 2020. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects this to reach $21.14 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 17.60 percent during 2021-2026. Kamal says that the demand for A2 milk in India is also constantly growing, mainly from Tier-I cities.

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