Vaddmaan Innovation: A Natural Nutrition-focused Healthtech company revolutionising the worldwide Wellness industry

Maintaining excellent health and wellness is something that everyone should strive toward, particularly in these moments when the world is suffering from a global pandemic. Nutrition is essential to our health and well-being. Appropriate nutrition contributes to the maintenance of our immunity and the prevention of disease.

In an open talk with Mr Piyush Jain, the founder of Vaddmaan Innovation LLP, we covered the wellness market and how their start-up brings innovation to the health space and people’s nutritional needs.

Mr Piyush, I extend a cordial welcome. Can you elaborate on Vaddmaan Innovation, its origins, and how it changes the natural nutrition and wellness industry?

Mr Piyush:

Wellness and health are major global concerns. According to WHO research, 71 percent of global deaths are caused by noncommunicable illnesses (NCDs). Malnutrition, vitamin/mineral deficiency, wasting, stunting, underweight, obesity, heart disease, and depression are some of the causes of noncommunicable diseases and child mortality. Hundreds of health solutions and nutrition companies are available to consumers in response to this global issue. Still, there is a significant lack of an efficient and well-structured nutritional management solution with a complete method for measuring individual nutrition statuses and monitoring their progress.

Since childhood, having been born into a family with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, I have aspired to contribute to solving this major worldwide issue. Vaddmaan envisions a global, comprehensive, data-driven AI/ML/AR/VR system for nutritional assessment, recommendation, and monitoring. It methodically blends historical food and medication history, clinical diagnostics, genome diagnostics, expert advice, and health professional evaluations of the individual’s nutritional requirements. It delivers a customised solution that can be measured and tracked scientifically for improvement.

We are a mission-driven, Natural Nutrition-focused Health & Wellness direct-to-consumer (D2C) Healthtech brand. Our business’s foundation is natural nutrition influenced by Ayurveda, plant-based, cruelty-free, clinically proven, selected to address specific needs, of the highest quality, result-oriented, and accessible to the masses. Our solutions cater to the day-to-day wellness demands of men and women, whether youthful athletes, corporate professionals, or the elderly, by reducing their lifestyle-related health difficulties and delivering long-term, side-effect-free natural improvements. Since our founding, more than 11,000 consumers have been served.

Please elaborate on the vast array of products that you have developed.

Mr Piyush: Natural nourishment is our primary focus. Whether it be the diet for improved immunity, cognitive health, weight control, bone, and joint health, muscular health, etc., we constantly prioritise preventive wellness, which can alleviate malnutrition deficits. We believe that natural nutrition is sustainable and offers long-term wellness solutions.

In the past, the nutritional market was flooded with chemical-based, animal-origin, unregulated supplements, making it challenging to select the appropriate supplement. We brought nutritionally selected, all-natural products that solve the nutritional and health issues of the present. Our motivation comes from the ancient pretexts of Ayurveda, Nature, Veganism, and inexpensive nutrition for humans. Our products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and include only safe herbs.

Each of our nutritional products results from extensive research and possesses distinctive characteristics. For example, we have the Vaddmaan Muscle build product, which is made with 12 sacred herbs that have been scientifically shown to aid Muscle mass, Gain, post-workout recovery, etc. Another example is “Vaddmaan Natural Ashwagandha KSM-66,” standardised, potent, and the most clinically tested Ashwagandha to date (22 human studies). It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels and boost energy and endurance.

Vaddmaan Astaxanthin++ is a unique mixture of natural Astaxanthin and natural Curcumin that helps to strengthen the immune system, inhibits oxidation and oxidative stress, and reduces the accumulation of cell-damaging free radicals.

We offer a natural energy and nutrition supplement comprised of Moringa, Shilajit, Satavari, and green coffee that helps maintain overall energy levels and stimulates metabolism.

One of our popular products is “Vaddmaan Tulsi Amrit,” an extract of five tulsi varieties that promote general health and immunity.

Vaddmaan aims to improve people’s lives and longevity worldwide by providing knowledge, customised scientific solutions, and dependable quality products in the natural nutrition arena.

Indeed, a vast selection of products but a fiercely competitive market; how can your brand, Vaddmaan, distinguish out?

Mr Piyush: Vaddmaan is conceptualising the ‘Nutrition Engine’ – a Healthtech solution for more quantitative and accurate nutritional assessment, recommendation, and progress monitoring of people’s well-being. Inputs from the individual’s past Dietary & medication history, diagnostics, BMIs, Body composition, and Physical & clinical examination inform the nutrition engine assessment. The engine provides a scientific, accurate depiction of the user’s wellness level and how to enhance and monitor it. It would also aid health professionals in offering accurate and personalised advice utilising Ayurveda, Nutra Ingredients, Naturopathy, Yoga, Food, and other factors according to individual desire. This is probably the first initiative of its kind in the world.

“Natural Nutrition for All” is Vaddmaan Innovations’ guiding principle. It pushes us to make affordable, high-quality, natural nutritional supplements created with carefully selected and safe herbs available to the greater community. In the past, the Nutritional market was flooded with chemical-based, animal-origin, unregulated supplements, making it challenging to select the appropriate supplement. Our vegetarian supplements are 100 percent pure, plant-based, very potent, reasonably priced, and conform to the highest quality standards because they are manufactured in ISO & GMP-certified facilities and adhere to a clean label policy that lists all components and potencies so that people know exactly what they are ingesting.

This is genuinely original thinking for the welfare of humanity; what are your plans?

Mr Piyush: As suggested by our company’s name, innovation is vital to what we do. Our Nutrition Engine aims to reinvent the health and nutrition industry. It is an extensive program that requires collaboration between diagnostics labs, hospitals, physicians, nutritionists, dieticians, Ayush Vaidya, and communities. We invite entrepreneurs, specialists, hospitals, food researchers, and policymakers to join the worldwide initiative.

In the realm of nutrition, people have an abundance of options, and they prefer to consume a range of goods instead of sticking to one for an extended period. In the past two to three years, numerous start-ups have joined the nutrition goods industry by focusing on a specific form, such as healthy beverages, healthy shakes, candies, nuts and seeds, healthy snack bars, etc. No single corporation or start-up can service all nutrition product types. Therefore, we look forward to working, acquiring, or investing in similar nutrition-focused start-ups so that we may offer a wide variety of products and options to the public.

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Mr Piyush Jain is a seasoned technologist with 25 years of leadership experience in the IT solutions, start-up, direct-to-consumer, and health and wellness domains. Born and raised in an entrepreneurial family with a pedigree in pharmaceuticals, he is an Innovator and Strategist with a keen business sense for constructing sustainable and lucrative businesses.

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