Zumba mayhem in Kolkata!

Come this November Kolkata will witness a one of its kind ultra glamorous Zumba Fitness festival headed by Piu Majumder, the Zumba Education Specialist of Bengal and co powered by Kris Gethins Gym in Salt Lake Kolkata ! The event promises to be a spectacle for all . Top Zumba Fitness instructors from across town will come together with their respective teams and lend support to this event. 

Zumba fitness in recent times has emerged as one of the most premium and effective forms of fitness , resulting in approximately 800 calories burn per hour and leading to an excellent cardio vascular conditioning in practitioners. It’s popularity lies in the ability to cause healthy and sustainable weight loss across all ages. The masterclass in Kolkata is a joint initiative by ZES Piu Majumder and the Kris Gethins Gym , Salt Lake City, Kolkata to popularize Zumba even more among the masses and also to kickstart the programe at the Salt Lake branch of this elite gym ! Observes Piu, ” Zumba is a super addictive fitness programe which has a lot of fan following particularly among the ladies . At the same time it is important to note that all Zumba instructors are licensed and qualitatively assessed before they undertake sessions on their own.”

 This process is maintained by Zes Piu since she is the sole one authorised by the brand  to conduct a train the trainers course in Bengal and issue the incumbents a teaching license upon successful completion of the programe.

The upcoming Zumba fiesta has already created a considerable buzz among the fitness enthusiasts of Kolkata and promises to be high on adrenaline pump and rich in grandeur ! It has been organised as an event co powered by Kris Gethins Gym in association with MB Classic. The event is expected to garner a footfall of over 200 fitness enthusiasts comprising of college students, working professionals , home makers across all ages ! The Zumba catchment crowd is very easy to identify since one doesn’t necessarily need to be a thorough fitness professional in order to do Zumba ! The session which is about an hour long can be classified effortlessly into beginner, intermediate and advanced grades after an assessment is done by the instructor during the session based on the composition of the class.

However, it needs to be embedded in the mind that Zumba fitness is an extremely intricately designed fitness regimen which needs to be done only under the supervision of a licensed instructor and not any random social media based self taught individual! There are risks attached to the program if done incorrectly and hence the need to have a licensed person monitoring it is mandatory 

The whole idea of arranging this special masterclass of Zumba in Kolkata is to instill a sense of interest and awareness amongst the general fitness lovers to seriously engage in Zumba Fitness for greater fitness outcomes on one hand and be alert from being misguided by cons or non licensed instructors who may mislead students into doing movements that are prohibited by Zumba and resulting in a mishap on the other hand , a process that Piu has the responsibility of overseeing in Bengal ! To summarise, 3 days a week zumba with an experienced instructor can make you a newer , happier and fitter YOU ! 


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