National PADMA GOURAV Award Bestowed to Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala for Her Multi-Talented Work

Dr Thejo Kumari was Honoured With National PADMA GOURAV Puraskar for her Multi-Talented Work like Social Service, Business, Peace, Human Rights, and Winning in Beauty Pageantry.

Thejo Kumari recognizes herself as a social activist, a peace ambassador, a spiritualist, a philanthropist, and an established businesswoman. She has set magnificent milestones and registered herself for accomplishments beyond thinking! She is an inspiration for all the aspiring all-rounders not only in the country but all across the globe. 

Starting in a middle-class family, Thejo Kumari was born and raised in Tirupati, a city in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. With family responsibilities and duties on her shoulders, Thejo always worked hard to excel in her field, whether it is academic or cultural. She always went the extra mile to stand out in the crowd and make a mark. Upon receiving appreciation and love from her family and friends, Thejo went ahead with her dream of living the pageantry life—the modelling life. Recently bagging the title of Mrs Universe Winner 2022, at the age of 42, she enlisted herself as the only person to be selected for Mrs Universe Competition from Asia. 

In addition to her pageantry career, Thejo Kumari stands firm on her vision of bringing global peace. Her beliefs have not only transformed hers but a lot of people’s lives. She believes that the ideal peace can only be achieved by bringing together people of the world, irrespective of all the differences, and helping those in need.

With the global pandemic striking countries with massive losses—economically and the virus taking a toll on people’s lives—the time to unite and work for one common goal is now! Through her organization, she has helped hundreds of people, reaching out to those in need of food and shelter. She has also led several literacy campaigns to educate and aware people across the country about various important issues, such as AIDS awareness, personal hygiene, treatments, etc. 

Her soft heart is often complimented beautifully by her entrepreneurial brain. She envisions helping people alongside development. She understands and addresses the concern that massive economic losses are often accompanied by every individual’s safety as well as wealth. By helping people across the globe to get them back to their normal lives, Thejo Kumari aspires to help countries build back their economic growth. 

Contributing to global issues in the field of Women’s employment, illiteracy, Animal Welfare, Healthcare Awareness, and others, her work has been recognised globally by several government and civic organizations. Her work has been deeply acknowledged and applauded through distinguished awards such as the Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award and the Gandhi-Nelson Mandela International Award. Some of her other notable recognitions include the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Pride Award, Dr Rajendra Prasad Excellence Award, Mother Teresa Humanity Award, and APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award. 

In June 2022, Thejo Kumari finished her journey of becoming Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala with flying colours of love and support from her well-wishers all across the world. She was recognized with a Doctorate from the World Human Rights Protection Commission, adding another milestone to her journey. 

Alongside her social activism and her helping nature, the world recognizes her as an excellent entrepreneur. She has established herself in the realm of business with her roots deep in the ground and wings high in the sky. Her business forte is not restricted to a certain type of enterprise. She has marked her place in different types of businesses. She is presently associated with Theja Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., where she has raised the enterprise to the authorized capital of Rs 1 LAC. Subsequently, she has been serving Theja Infra and ThejasGroups as the Chairman registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. She has also marked herself in the jewelry industry and shines brighter than a diamond! 

With her flourishing career in the fashion and modeling industry and the business empire she has created for herself, her heart is still rooted in helping people. The Kumari views social work as superior to every other endeavor she embarks upon. She believes that her businesses and her pageant career are a means for her to connect to a bigger audience and help more people through her work. She has brought about a great impact on society through her dedication and fire to transform.

Dr Thejo Kumari is a true paragon for everyone looking forward to creating a life of their own and following their dreams. 

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