Shuvam Panda- Story of the C.T.O, The-Unique-Culture

Shuvam panda, A freelancer & Expert Software Developer who handles end-to-end development and is obsessed with the little details to form the larger message with clarity and wonder. He is a Google-certified techie with experience in Web development, Android application solutions, Graphic Design, Windows application solutions, and Digital marketing, creating remarkable and effective visual identities for companies and individuals of all sizes around the globe.

He is the C.T.O of The Unique Culture. The Unique Culture was founded in 2013, and Mr. Shuvam Panda leads its Bhubaneswar branch. 

Shuvam Panda always tries to motivate his team, always tries their best to accomplish the goal, and they always work together innovatively. The Unique Culture is a multi-national IT & software company. They have provided services for the last 10+ years and are creating themselves better and better every day under the leadership of Mr. Shuvam panda. Being a CTO of a company, he stood beside his team and took on all the challenges and responsibilities on behalf of the company. He also trained his co-members for every aspect, starting from work to client presentation. People mostly know The Unique Culture because of him. In one sentence, I can describe Shuvam Panda as the face of The Unique Culture. 

 “Since my childhood, I was very interested and did explore about IT knowledge, I was always sure that I will start my own company as from class 3 and started my career as a Freelancer,” said Mr. Shuvam Panda.

In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. Combining proven expertise in technology and an understanding of emerging business trends, Mr. Shuvam Panda has worked with many kinds of businesses & delivered a range of software development solutions with Digital marketing services. He has created thoughtful, original online experiences for your ideas, no matter how big or small. His team says He works everyday rigorously to give their clients a better experience every day. Sometimes more than 18 hours. 

He always said and believed I never compete with any other particular person or any other business or company. Every person has their own path to follow & to create a new milestone. For me, each customer is essential. I always try my level best to provide the Best client service and support. 

He has participated and been invited as a guest on many platforms like “Chalo dekhe Apna Desh” which was organized by Argus. In Digital Marketing Forum invited as chief speaker any more like this. He is also a Google and Microsoft certified digital marketer and provides his training not only in pan India his many students who belong out of India. On the 16th of June 2021, one seminar was conducted by Techctice, and Mr. Shuvam Panda was invited as a chief speaker, and it was declared one of the most prolonged seminars in Odisha. 

Recently he became part of many media platforms and publication houses. Just like Great Companies, there are many online sites where his interviews get published. 

He said, “as a CTO of a company, it is my duty to answer the queries that came from the client & people, and it is my responsibility to justify that.

Apart from this, he has a Master in Business Administration from London University just after completing the Bachelor’s Degree in technology on ETC. He is also a Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist, corporate trainer since 2016 of Techctice private limited, and a YouTuber. With thousands of YouTube families, he has a YouTube channel named “Shuvam Panda,” which is a learning channel. There you can learn new programming and coding techniques and improve your dynamic way of thinking. He generally discusses Algorithms, Competitive Programming, Problem Solving, application development, and lots more. He also does some outline of different parts of being a software engineer and guide you on how to get started, how to get internships, job, and more!

Meanwhile, apart from daily work, he always goes forward for social work for many NGOs by making recurring yearly donations, developing fundraising events, organizing campaigns that will lead to donations, and also he gives training to other volunteers.

“To become SUCCESSFUL online, you only need to remember the following : Good Heart + Passion + Software Development + SEO + Digital Marketing + Dedication + Positiveness + Patience = Success”

Shuvam Panda

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