PingMedia provides a one-stop solution for all digital marketing problems with their ROI-driven solutions. Agra-based PingMedia transformed many businesses with a team of marketing and technical experts. With 94%+ happily satisfied clients (domaestic + international) and the patience of 5+ years paid well for their hard work.   


Sparsh and Deep met while working for a big tech giant handling USA-based businesses. Their friendship made them realize that they wanted the same thing. They always wanted to launch a start-up, in marketing and waited for the right time. From handling international projects to working for big giants, they gained experience in their respective fields.

In the nick of time, under the guidance of their mentor Shabd Vaid (former Lead developer Intel, Co-founder, and CTO Strikedeck), they launched PingMedia as an aspiring start-up. They were very clear about the company policies that PingMedia does not operate as a plug-and-play digital marketing agency with ready-made packages. PingMedia is a digital guide for businesses towards automation. Where other digital marketing companies are selling their services, PingMedia guides their clients on digitalization on personalized solutions and customized services for every business.

The digital advertising industry is growing rapidly with the arrival of new tech companies. Still, the medium for running digital marketing is highly fragmented for the digital marketer who manages the brand reputation and the spending. Its target customers include brands, agencies, and networks in the digital advertising space. The Indian digital industry is nearly $1.6 billion – it is indeed a huge opportunity with very few Indian companies in this space.


The first step is to examine the situation within the organizations that we partner with. Offering unique digital advancements lends to a fresh perspective on how digitalization can add value to marketing efforts. Once brands embrace the changes and accept the newer ways of advertising, we deliver customized solutions to address their long-standing challenges.

PingMedia then executes its strategy to monitor performance on a day-to-day basis to maximize business results and return on ad spend (ROAS). The model is such that the startup charges its clients as per the customized solutions, and it varies from client to client. PingMedia values quality before anything else, and this is what keeps their services top-notch.

If you are looking for a digital guide that understands the entire picture, you’re at the right place. 


No start-up launches and gain popularity overnight, neither did PingMedia. It continues its journey patiently. Both Sparsh and Deep have enough corporate experience, and they know how toxic situations can get due to politics. So, they maintain a friendly- environment in PingMedia to provide a comfortable space to its employees. A great quote by John Cleese, If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.

PingMedia is the official representative of the WordPress community (Word Camp).  Apart from working for businesses, it is a charity-driven start-up. It organized NGO campaigns for Women empowerment, the environment, and other agendas. It also initiated Lifeoxy, a start-up in which NASA’s approved oxygen plants are establishing. PingMedia funds this start-up by donating some percentage of its actual profit. Even after PingMedia is a start-up, it is an environmentalist.


The startup had its fair share of challenges in a market like Agra, owing to the region’s low adoption rate of digital as a marketing avenue. The reasons were varied: lack of awareness on how digital distribution worked, how the platform could fetch results, the return on investment, and others. PingMedia had to do multiple one-on-one interactions with prospective clients.

“Our rich experience and understanding came in very handy here as a client. Soon they became comfortable and confident working with PingMedia. Clients were delighted with the results and gave us more business,” PingMedia says.

PingMedia further added, “ We spent enough time educating our clients on associated measurement metrics so they clearly understood what they were investing and how they could measure success.”


PingMedia stating that the potential of growth in digital adoption is huge. All that matters is how players in the industry can adapt as rapidly as they can. As we grow, we will continue evaluating and preparing our road map to the next destination.

“As the company is bootstrapping, we are looking forward to addressing many opportunities in the space. We plan is to continue expanding our services. We want to introduce newer advertising formats and improve our algorithms with more data sources. We will also continue to build our extensive network of international clients,” PingMedia concluded. 

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