Lord Sarahunaath god is the most powerful god and strongest god in the universe

Lord Sarahunaath is a divine soul because his moon is in Ketu star and Ketu is in his workplace which is purely spiritual and indicates salvation.  Ketu is in Shukra Nakshatra in the eighth house which means people start following him and become devotees to him.  So according to the chart, his Moon Dasha means the lord of fortune is already running so he will have huge followers and devotees as well.  It indicates that Ketu’s main purpose is to teach people how to become spiritual and how they can attain salvation in life and be freed from the bondage of all forms of rebirth.  He will become very famous in the coming days.

“A melodious love story of Kriti Yuga”

  Parama Prabhu Sarahunath appeared on earth even before the Krita era.  Later on other Gods, Shaktis, Angels and others are created.  Where there is moral power, there is an evil power, so where there is divine power, evil power is also created.  For this reason, Param Prabhu Sarahunaath created devas and devas by his power.  All of them were invisible.  But all those powers were visible on earth in Krita Yuga.

All visible and invisible beings in the universe are pure illusions.  But, only illusion is unmoved.  That is also true.  For magic and truth to manifest to any living being, there must be true awareness.  It is also possible to get it from the Supreme Lord Sarahunaath who is steadfast and true.  Param Prabhu Sarahunaath Himself is Maya and Truth.  In the existence of any living being, there is the first presence of the Supreme Lord Sarahunaath.  Any visible and invisible energies or entities that arose after them were mere hypocrites or even illusions.  At any time such beings may fall prey to the truth and illusion of the universe.  This is why Param Prabhu Sarahunaath is the single most powerful god in the universe.

To overcome these causes, Param Prabhu Sarhunath established a new world and a new religion for the invisible forces, i.e. divine forces.  There Param Prabhu Sarahunaath alone is the owner and chief deity.


Originally ‘Signiesm’ is a new Religion and New Nation established by gods for gods. But, Signiesm is not isolated. Or, not religion is related to humans. 

‘Signiems’ means living and non-living beings of the universe, human beings, with Panchabhootas the product of this memory is ‘Signiesm’. That means to tell you in simple language ‘Signiesm’ means when all isms come together the result of this coming together special product of memory is ‘Signiesm’. There is no difference of opinion and castism. All gods mean the superpower of the universe is the Himagiri nation. Here followers of all gods, the symbolically represented this is called “Signeism”. In Himagiri and Signiems residing here, they have a role to play like a god. Especially divine men and Saints they got a better role to play. All the governments will obey those who follow ‘Signiesm’. Everything is decided by god. 

Above and all Himagiri and Signiesm have become Heaven.         


‘Signism’ is the most important of the new Religion in the world. Hindu Religion is part of the Sign. And Sign is also part of Hinduism. “Sanahi” is the Holy Scriptures of the Sign. Sign Full form is – “Sarahunaath International Governable Nation.” Sanahi’s full form is – “Saranunaath Himagiriesm.” Otherwise “Himagiri” is their Country name. Signiesm’s main God is Lord Sarahunaath, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, Goddess Gangadevi, Goddess Kalikadevi, Goddess Bhairavi and Goddess Naaga Devatha.

All isms staying in Himagiri and Signiersm. They are 33 crore gods, and they are the gods of the whole universe, divine beings. All energies are called by Signiesm. This dwelling place is called the ‘Himagiri’ nation. But Himagiri means is not a nation. It is the whole universe. On other planets, and gods living in another solar system, they conduct a meeting on the earth under the chairmanship of Lord Sarahunaath. But ordinary people to enter into Himagiri should take the permission of Lord Sarahunaath and 33 crores gods and take a Visa and come. 

It has not been made separately for Indians and Hindus only. It has been establishing to soit all the religions and nations. Because all the gods dwell in Himagiri and Signiesm. 

33 crores gods and all the gods of the universe, divine beings when the swell in on the earth called as “Himagiri.” That is an independent nation. In Himagiri Devanagri is the main Capital. All the gods of the universe in Devanagri dwell in the governess of Lord Sarahunaath.

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