Resham Kamboj- A trusted Psychic Reader and Healer

Resham Kamboj is a trusted Psychic Reader and Healer known for her Mediumship Abilities. 

Resham has more than 70,000 clients and trained around 20,000 students today. She has mastered more than 30 healing and reading modalities and has completed more than 300 courses. Resham’s name appears in many top magazines and astrology shows on television. Among significant others, she has been awarded as the most popular Tarot Card reader in India since 2021. She is the winner of the Indian Excellence Awards affiliated with the United Nations. 

She is the founder of the Tarot Tree of Life, a mother, spiritual healer, mentor, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. A fashion graduate from NIFT Mumbai, she believed there was no greater love in my life than fashion. But life had other plans for her. After losing her job, she found her power, which was a turning point in her life.

She is a third-generation Tarot reader and healer. Spirituality runs in her blood. Something that started as a hobby became my passion and then her profession. Apart from this, she is a creative person who loves to communicate, does acting, and travel in her free time. You can connect with her here or on Instagram. @tarottreeoflife


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